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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Monday, January 04, 2010

Talk about a Not Me Monday

I absolutely, positively DID NOT get my kids up for school this morning only to figure out that school doesn't start back until TOMORROW! No way that I would do that because I have done that once before. I did not fuss at Jack because he wouldn't get up, only to realize (while packing the back-packs) that there is no school.

I did not embarrass myself even further by texting my carpool this morning at 7:09 saying that we couldn't drive today because we slept to late.  Man, I bet they thought, "Joke's on you!"  :)

In other news, it is not so cold here in the nice warm South, that it's snowing little flurries (nothing compared to what Lori and Danyele are seeing) and my dog won't even get out of his nice warm bed to go outside.  NOW THAT'S COLD, FOLKS!  Good thing there is no school today, they probably would have canceled anyway due to flurries... I'm not kidding!

Brian and I did not clean out our side attics last night in preparation for turning them into rooms for Connor and Liam to sleep in.  Only to realize that if we give up our side attics, that means we have to figure out where to put the junk that was in there.  We thought most of it was stuff to throw away, but it turns out there is alot of stuff keep.  Argh!  We have albums that have been in our attic for 11 years!  Wow!

So this morning, the coffee is hot, the fire is already going, the two little bugs are still snuggled warmly in their beds, big boys are occupied with their gaming, and I am off to do my Bible Study, which I have missed so much over the break, and watch it snow.  :)  This is a little slice of heaven!

Not sure if MckMama has her Not Me post up yet, but you can head over there to see what others are NOT doing now.


mommaof4wife2r said...

we have to get together and jam on some old that! hilarious.
love that the dog won't even get out of bed! smart dog! happy monday, girl.

Craig and Phyllis said...

That is too funny! Did your boys forgive you?

And I just read the post below this one. Why is it that we tell complete strangers our life story?!! I do that all the time, so when you wrote what you were telling the checkout clerk, I was thinking BTDT!

I'm trying to get to this weeks study. Maybe I can put the boys in their room this afternoon while I watch it. You know, those play quietly in your beds for an hour! That will soooo not happen around here!!! : )

Lindsay said...

At least you had everyone up, dressed and fed nice a quick :)

Anonymous said...

oh girl, i hear ya! last year we stood at the bus stop wondering WHY in the WORLD the bus was SO LATE!? Gah. Those flakes sure were pretty this mornin! Happy New Year!

Kristine said...

I read this just after I dropped the kids off for school this morning and I wondered about our own schedule...but then I remembered there WERE other parents dropping off too.

Is it just me or does Connor look a little like my Luke? (Jiff)


Becky and Keith said...

LOVE your header picture! That is way too cute! :-) I wish I had one more day left... you should have played it off as though it was the kid's dry run for school tomorrow. :-) Hope you guys are staying warm in the Tennessee Tundra! It sure is like living in the arctic over here!

Oatsvall Team said...

hee hee ... sister you always keep a smile on my face ... love ya !!!