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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Friday, January 29, 2010

Another S"no" day

You have GOT to be kiddin' me!  Seriously!  Remember this?  Well here we go again!

Yes, that is my deck.  And yes, we are out of school again because of "snow" and possible dangerous driving conditions.  The teachers are really happy, I know, but Mama ain't happy!  What I really want to do is curl up in my pjs with my book and a fire and some more coffee.  But what my kids want to do is not watch me read a book in my jammies.  They want to be run here and there.  ugh! 

While we're looking at this photo, don't forget to admire the BARN that's almost the size of my house that my neighbor plopped in his back yard two feet from MY fence!  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  That'll be great for resale! 

To add insult to injury on the no snow front, Brian is out of town for the night.  He had a business meeting in Atlanta.  Returning from Atlanta requires him to traverse "Mont Eagle", the one place in our state that probably WILL get some snow and ice today.  Great! 

And making it even WORSE is that my dear sweet friend/neighbor (who is the mother to my boys daily cohorts in crime) is out of town.  And she had the NERVE to take her kids with her.  People, this is NOT a good combination.  Not only is my confidante and fellow-commiserator gone, my boys entertainment is gone too.  And adding further insult, she's gone somewhere sunny and warm.  And she's gone somewhere fabulous for a very fun reason.  Did I mention that I hate her! :) Not really!  I love you, and you know it.... but right now I'm not speaking to you!  

So... since I don't have any fun snow pics to show you, I'll show you something really cuter... look at this new dress I got for Meg from my friend.... she made it! 

And, I might as well show you a little of what else has been happening around here....

This is my steps last week...

And my banister

And not exactly the "after" shot, but the "in progress" shot is behind Meg....

Ooooh, I'm so excited to have gotten rid of that carpet.... and check out my new spindles.  :)  Yay!  I'm so glad my friend (the builder) talked me into the iron.  I'm totally in LOVE!  I can't wait to show you the finished product, but it will probably be a few weeks.  I have lots of other before and after for you too! 


Kristine said...

Oh, that is beautiful! the dress and the stairs.

Ok...what weekend is the conference? Sarah has two gymnastics meets in April and both girls have April Birthdays...let me know! It sounds incredible.

sallee said...

Yes-- I laughed too at another S'no'w day!! but we actually have 2" already!! and it's still coming down!! just about 1 hour south of you!!
btw........cute dress on m and LOVE the lime shoes with it :)
you need my button on your sidebar :)
and would love to see the twirls on your little one
blessings.......and hope you do get some snow!!

Amy said...

VERY cool new stairs!! I wouldn't have been able to picture how cool it would look and it does!!

Lindsay said...

love the dress :)

and love your snow more - if I could, I'd ship you some of ours!

Craig and Phyllis said...

I love your snow days! It always gives me a good laugh. We, of course, are going to miss it again.

I didn't post a comment before, but your last post on adopting was so good. It spoke volumes. It would be nice to email privately sometime. If I can ever figure it out, if you would not mind, I think I would like to link your post on my blog.

Bethany said...

Adorable dress! You know how I love clothes!! ;) Bryan was in Atlanta??? Why didn't you load up the crew and come with him??? You could have stayed here! And now I'm super jealous of the new steps and banister (and the fact that the stairs are clean, lol)!

lori said...

I love the banister! Can't wait to see it all finished.