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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Friday, August 29, 2008

Watch This!

Well, if you have watched that and you can still tell me that you believe Barack Obama is an honest Christian man and he is a man of faith and conviction, then I think the God I serve and the god he serves are vastly different entities. There is NO way that a Christian can justify this type of stance. I don't care where you stand on the life issue, I don't care what your convictions are, I don't care which side of the aisle you sit on or what you tell yourself about abortion so you can sleep at night or so you can vote for your preferred candidate... if you can watch this and still support him, I would sincerely and honestly like to understand why! I have had alot of discussions lately about single issue voting. I would like to think I'm not a single issue voter. I care about the poor. I care about the globe, not just the US. I care about our economy and about Social Security and about people having access to healthcare, particularly for their children. I care about so many issues, but in the end, I guess I am single-minded in that you can be right on all those above mentioned, but on the wrong side of the pro-life fight, and I can't support you. I can't think of another medical situation that takes power from God. Life can't be created or sustained without intervention from the Creator of all life. But life can be taken. It's never His will that babies would die at the hands of a doctor, in my opinion, but the procedure described above is reminiscent of Hitler. How telling that Hillary and even a radical pro-choice group took a "neutral" position. Anyone who doesn't believe Barack is more liberal than Hillary, just stay tuned. I'm fearful for our country when this is the value our proposed leader would place on innocent life.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let me show you my moves AND the reason we wear helmets

Yes, it was another day at the fun factory, as we like to say around here. Before 8:00 Liam had split his wig on the concrete in front of our house. For some unknown reason (most likely the draw of a possible round of Lego * Wars) Liam was up and dressed at the crack of 6:45. So he got to play his video game for a little while, but then eventually I shooed him outside to get some fresh air before school starts. The bus comes at 8:00 this year, so he went to ride his bike (which I wasn't aware of because I was in the house arguing with Jack over what he was going to wear to school, but that's another story.) Anyway, the next thing I know, there is a scream that must have woken the neighbors and possibly Spring Hill as well (we all know Liam's propensity for drama) and I knew something was really wrong. I find Liam, head bleeding, laying at the bottom of the stairs and I was totally confused as to what had just happened. After alot of coaxing and loving I figure out that he was riding his bike (without his helmet) and fell off and HIT HIS HEAD on the sidewalk in front of the house. I started to lecture him about wearing his helmet and as it turns out, his dad told him it was okay to skip the helmet if he isn't on the street. Anyway, as life just taught him, this is not the best advice dear old dad ever dispensed and probably he will choose the helmet from now on. I'll have a talk with Brian about this later, don't worry. Of course, there had to be some mileage out of a goose egg before 8AM so Liam got to skip the bus and ride into school with me when I went to my meeting around 9:00.

Speaking of meetings, today was the first PTO meeting that I led as Chair. It was fun. We had a GREAT turn-out, probably 40 people, and everyone was very high-spirited for a PTO meeting. Yay!

Now for the funny part of the day. Jack had a scrimmage tonight at the baseball fields so we took the t-ball stuff for the little kids. Connor and Liam got up a game with a couple of the other boys there hanging out and this one kid, probably about five, was really good. He was pretty much dominating the entire thing and it was him against the other three kids that were playing. Anyway, after a while, Connor had had enough of his batting over and over again (because they couldn't get him out.) So Connor walks up to him, takes the bat and says, "Let me show you some of my moves." I thought I would wet my pants. You just have to see Connor, every ounce as big as this five year old, with his absolute lack of talent, whack at the ball, miss the ball altogether but sends the Tee flying into the air and says, "Yeah, baby, that's what I'm talkin' about!" Gotta love it!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rainy Day Blues?

What do you do with four kids on a rainy day? Well, play in the rain, of course. It was actually very impromptu. I was on the phone and it was really loud in the house so Meg and I stepped onto the front porch to sit in peace, watch it rain, and finish my conversation with Amie. Meg walked out into the rain and I told Amie I needed to go get Meg out of the rain because she was getting wet. Amie said, "So? Let her." Wow, yeah, I hadn't thought of that.

Next thing you know, Jack had put on his swim trunks, Connor had shucked off his shirt, and Meg was drenched to the bone, clothes, hair and all. I ended up out there with them. There was a little stream of water flowing down the hill and into the storm drain (yeah, the same storm drain that contains one of my pieces of silver! But that's a whole other post.) So Connor and Jack are laying down in the water and Meg and I are dancing around in the street to "I Like It, I love it..." Apparently only Liam has the sense to get in out of the rain because he was not about to join us.

I'll post pictures of it in the next couple of days. I don't have time to download the camera right now because I have about a ten foot pile of laundry to go fold, but I had to get this on the blog before it gets pushed by the wayside and I didn't write it down. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm Not that Smart!

Brian took Connor to get his hair cut. Apparently they were having some really good conversation and Brian told Connor, "You know, you are really smart!" Connor looks up at Brian and says, "Not that smart. I don't know what dog starts with." :) How cute is he? Honestly, he is obsessed with how things are spelled. He must ask me 100 times every day what different words start with. I don't know where the fascination came from. He also asks me 50x each day how old he will be when Liam is x age old. Anyway, he's a sweety! I am so ready for school to start for him. I am afraid he's terribly bored at home. He needs the extra interaction and stimulation of school.

I've been having to focus so much of my attention on Meg that it's hard for him to get any one on one. Therefore, my house is a pig-sty because I play with him when she is napping rather than work on the house. I feel bad for him that he is sort of getting the shaft in this deal lately. Meg has shown a few concerning signs of trying to control her environment, charming us when she is in trouble (and in the psychology world, charming is not really a good term, think about it for a minute and you'll realize why.) Anyway, we know that her attachment is far from secure and just because she is showing good signs of being comfortable with us and knows that we are the ones who are here most of the time, she is by no means ready to be turned loose with a babysitter or have others doing any major caregiving for her. I have been so much more lax with her than I was with the boys. I have been too lax, mostly because I just need the break. So when others are here, I let them hold her, dress her, feed her, take her on walks, or let her stay for short periods of time at other houses with family or close friends. But I am realizing that this is a mistake. She has definitely gotten more controlling the past couple of weeks, so we'll go back to our hyper-vigilent state. I am amazed at myself, how many times in my life have I "known better" but allowed myself to think "this time it's different"?

So, on a totally unrelated note, I am up at midnight because I am pretty sure I am either having a heart attack or I have a hiatal hernia. I have the most intense "heart burn" I have had since pregnancy. I have been getting these bouts of INTENSE burning (like, my ears feel like they are on fire and if I could just throw up I would be SOOOOOO happy) and I absolutely can't sleep. It doesn't go away when I sit up, but it definitely feels better than when I lay down. I've taken Tums like candy, but still no help. So, I am miserably tired, dying to lay down and be asleep, but I can't lay down so I left in bloggerland! What do they do for these hernias anyway? I mean, can't you just take some medicine or something? If so, sign me up tomorrow because this is the pits!

P.S. Have you EVER seen a boy this excited about a birthday present? We got him Leg0 St*r W*rs for the Weeee and WOW, wish they all got that excited over all their presents! :)
P.S.S. Notice the "Gold Medal" he has around his neck. He got it for doing "banastics" at the little gym he goes to ocassionally.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Goodbye Three, it's been good!


Connor and I decided that today would be a good day to make birthday cupcakes. I told him that these are not four year old birthday cakes, they are "goodbye three" cupcakes because this is the last day of his life that he will ever be three! (boo hoo)


So that inspired me to make up a little song as we were stirring the batter and filling the cupcake papers.


I was singing to Connor about all the little things that three have been and all the things that four will bring for him. So here goes:

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Goodbye three, you've been very good to us. You've taught Connor how to potty. You've taught him how to brush his teeth. You taught him all the sounds that the letters make. You taught him about having sleepovers at someone elses house. You brought him lots of new friends, like Matthew and Bennett and Luke and Carly. You taught him about sleeping in a big boy bed and not getting up in the middle of the night. Three, you taught him how to be a big brother instead of just a little brother. You taught him to swim. You taught him to ride a regular bike with training wheels. Three, we love you because you have been so kind to teach Connor many things he will need to know in life. So many of the things he learned from you were essential to the rest of his life. However, now it's time to say goodbye to you. It's time to kiss you goodnight and put you into the photo album for eternity. Our baby is turning four tomorrow and though there is a part of us that is very sad to see you go, we know that Four will bring alot of exciting new adventures with him too. Four will teach Connor to ride a bike without training wheels. Four will usher him out of Mother's Day Out and into Pre-K. Four will introduce Connor to his first year on the swim team. Four will be the year for alot of learning and new and exciting adventures. Four will build another story on the house that Three laid the foundation for. So, Three, we will miss you, but we must say a final farewell to you today. But don't worry, we'll welcome you back to our house when Meg has her birthday next year, so this isn't quite our final hoo-ra!

We love what you've done with Connor! Thanks alot!

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! We love you!

Mom and Dad

Monday, August 11, 2008

On the first day of X Grade....


Do you know that song by the Veggie Tales, "On the first day of first grade I'll tell you what he did..."? That's been going through my head all morning as we get the boys ready for first and third grades.

It continues to confound me as a mom how to successfully parent two children who are so polarly opposite. Jack was up before I came in the room this morning, dressed and checking himself out in the mirror. He got completely ready, ate his breakfast in a hurry and ran outside to catch Ms. Pat on her first pass by the house. We call this the "early bus" because Miss Pat actually passes our house twice and Jack likes to be on the first time so he has more time to chat with his buddies.

Liam, on the other hand, had the covers over his head and the moment I started singing our "Rise and Shine" song he started to say that he was too shy and he didn't want to go to school. His nerves continued all morning and he asked to be a "car rider", so Brian took him to school this morning. I am so much more like Jack than Liam that sometimes it's very hard for me to empathize with the fear. I had to keep reminding myself how my friend Sonja would handle things, because she is so patient and she doesn't like new situations either, so she has all this empathy surrounding first days. I just jump into everything, excited about newness and change, so I have to channel my inner Sonja! :)

Overall, it was a successful morning, though. Everyone is out the door and now I am having my coffee while Meg eats her breakfast and Connor enjoys some alone time with the DS for the first time in three months. Ahhhh, the bliss of silence! :)
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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another round of "meet the teacher"

I can't believe it, but I think this might have been the third round of Meet the Teacher day since I started this blog. Anyway, guess what, we met our teachers this week! :)

We are so very very excited. Both boys got excellent teachers that we are excited to get to know this year. First of all, Jack is going into Third Grade. This means he moved to the other end of the school on a whole new hallway. And the teacher he was assigned to got Teacher of the Year last year. So we are very excited and have heard nothing but great things about her. Four of his very good friends are in class with him, so that will be a very fun year for Jack. I am really excited for him.

Liam got a great teacher too. Ms. Gentle, now called Mrs. Franklin because of a recent big event in her life! :) (Congrats Mrs. Franklin) She is so wonderful and everyone that has ever been in her class just raves about her. I think she is going to be perfect for Liam. A good blend of kind encouragement, challenge, and cheerleader! His best friend from school is class with him, so that is really great for him. Liam needs the friendship and familiarity that this will provide for him. There are several other good buddies in there with him too, so we are very excited about his first grade year. The really great thing for him too is that his class is the second or third one from the main door so he will enter the school and have a very short walk to class. Liam is the kind of guy who can really appreciate something like this! :)

Today was a very unplanned, lazy day for us. We had scheduled portraits to be done by Mandy Johnson ( in downtown Franklin. We thought we would be out of the house by 8:30. But Mandy called this morning and the day was so overcast and gray that we decided to reschedule for Sept. We are doing it on a Saturday and this way Brian will be able to be there for the photos. I am looking forward to meeting and working with her. She is an amazing person. If you get a chance, check out her site. Not only are her photographs amazing and beautiful, she gives so much back to the community that I want to just support her by telling everyone about her. I think it's incredible the things she is involved with, but besides that, you will love the music and looking at her work. It's worth a stop at the site.

But I digress.... instead of getting our photos done, we went over to Micah and Asher's house and had a "skateboard show". Liam was the judge and announcer and he did an amazing job. And the talent and skills in "this year's show" was better than ever. Check out some of the photos for yourself. No autographs please!