The truth as I know it:

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Monday, September 29, 2008


Michelle (my adoption rock!) just tagged me! Okay, six random facts about myself.... well, that's hardly going to be entertaining, but here goes.

1. I first felt the "call" to adopt while I was on-line late one night looking for information on how to adopt a retired racing Greyhound. It was about 2 AM and I was a terrible "googler" (Still am) and came across photo listings of kids instead of dogs. I went and woke Brian up out of a dead sleep and made him come look at all the pictures. He should have known then he was in trouble, we had only been married about a month. Still, here we are 11 years and three adoptions (one birth) later, and he survived it all! :)

2. I grew up on a semi-farm. We raised beef cattle. My dad used to break horses as a second job and we had an arena in our field beside our house. One time, he broke horses for Loretta Lynn's dude ranch and I got to go with him to deliver them back to her after they were broke. I didn't meet Loretta, but I met her husband Mooney. I was only six or so, and from that point on, Loretta Lynn was like my most favorite person in the whole wide world. I loved her dresses and thought she was the bomb! Another thing we had on our farm was a bull riding practice arena. All the cowboys from the UTM rodeo team would come to our house to practice riding bulls. This was NOT a bad thing for a high school girl. The only drawback was that it was my responsibility to water the bulls (and horses and dogs and cats) and I was TERRIFIED of the bulls!

3. I have brought home homeless animals all my life and often used to lie to my parents and make up stories about where these animals mysteriously appeared from! :) I'm still a sucker for homeless pets and foster dogs (from Middle Tennessee Golden Retriever Rescue) still have a way of "showing up" at our house, much to my sweet hubbies chagrin.

4. When B and I were in Fryazino adopting our second son, we met a little African boy who stole my heart. We took pictures of him and the nanny's paraded him in front of us every day, showing us his fine motor skills, etc. and asking if we could help find him a home. I gave the photos to a few folks who have a strong heart for adoption, and a friend of a friend of a friend decided they wanted to pursue his adoption. He now lives one street over from me, but I didn't know the family at the time they saw his photo. He is a doll and I am SO thankful for God allowing me to be part of his coming home. And I'm so thrilled that he lives around the corner and is one of four kids in an amazing family!

5. I actually know TWO people who know Bono and one person who knows Sting. :) I'm practically famous!

6. Brian and I lived in the East Bay area of San Francisco for a VERY short time right after we got married. I LOVED it! It was collectively some of the best months of my life and I have the fondest memories of there. It was a great way to start a marriage.

So here are the rules if I tag you...
1. Link to the person that tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random facts about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged.
6. Let the taggers know when your entry is up.

And I am tagging:

Barb in Finland (thanks for the Nestle research and I'm PRAYING hard for our little Sophia) who's adopting from St. Petersburg any day now.

Becky, super cool chick who just taught me to make the little linky thing in my post body... and she's created a monster, I use a link in almost every post. Also, she is the mother to Meg's possible future husband because I am all about arranged marriages!

Grace, my sweet sister-in-law, who always comes through for me EVERY time I need her. And did I mention she's the best aunt in the entire world! :)

Heather, the only other suburban mom I personally know (not counting cyber friends) who actually HAS a blog!

Katie, who is a personal hero of mine. And if you haven't checked out what God can do with a young life, then you really need to check out Katie's blog. I am tagging her because I am very, very interested to see what six random facts she will have to say about herself!

and Nicole, who I don't know, but she left a comment on my blog and I know she's getting ready to leave for China and just needs about one more thing to think about before she goes... and for some reason, I really connected with her "not me" list so I want to see what her six random things are! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Not Me Monday

Okay, I'm participating in this carnival blog at MckMama's site for the first time. I've been stalking these other Not-Me participants for a while, but my not-me's seem pretty boring in comparison (plus, their embarrassing), but it's more fun if you get in the game, so here goes:

This week, I did not stalk everyone elses blogs and find about ten more that I am now addicted to reading.

I did not almost miss the bus today because I was reading other Not-Me posts and I did not have to run in my barefeet to meet Liam so he wouldn't know I forgot him. Nope, not me, because that would make me a really bad mom, right?

I did not lay in bed sick all day yesterday and make my husband stay home from the Titans game to take care of the kiddos. No, I would never do that.

I did not get inspired by all those other new blogs I found and go change the title of my blog in hopes of finding some new readers. That would make me a copy-cat and I am never a copy-cat... not me!

I am not at all jealous of all the bloggers who get like 250 comments a day on their blog, Not me, that would be really lame if I was jealous of someone's blog, right?

I am not now totally ignoring my kids so I can finish this post. I mean, how ridiculous would it be to ignore my children just off the bus to post to my blog? That is NOT ME!

I am not dying to see an updated photo of my friend, Nicole's, new baby girl, just home from Russia on Saturday.

I am not praying for my friend, Karen, whose little girl is waiting for her in Russia and in need of surgery. That would not be very much like me to be praying for someone who is in turmoil about their child in an orphanage.

And, finally, I am not hoping that all of you who read this will leave a comment, because comments on the blog are just no fun at all. I don't like reading them anyway and don't stalk my own blog hoping someone has stopped by. No, not me, because that would just be pathetic!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I took this photo tonight as my little angel was sleeping. Poor girl, she fell asleep in the car today on the way home from Jack's game, which gave her a 15 minute power nap and there was no turning back. You know how it is, if they fall asleep in the car, you either have to commit to a 2 hour drive or suffer the loss of the nap for the day. At $4/gallon, I decided to suffer the consequences. Anyway, that's not what this post is actually about. Later on today, my friend Sonja and I took our boys to the skate park and then out to dinner and all this resulted in Meg being out 1) past her bedtime without a nap and 2) eating dinner about an hour after she is normally in bed (all without a nap.) She was a total trooper through the whole thing. She really never fussed or cried, she just went with the flow. Have I mentioned how blessed we are that God chose this specific little angel for our family? Anyway, that is also not what this post is about. What this post is about is that for the first time since Meg joined our family, she fell asleep in my arms as I was rocking her. It was SO precious. You have to know as a Mommy I just eat that up. I have always loved to rock a sleeping baby and it was cause for celebration the first time each of them slept while I held them. Tonight, I was just trying to drink in every second of the precious moment I was having with my daughter, knowing that at 2 they are few and far between and knowing that with her being my last baby, these moments are truly precious and not to be taken for granted.

It was a perfect storm, of sorts, that likely won't happen again for a very long time. Many forces combined to permit this special moment. I already told you about the nap. And then also, Connor was out tonight with Brian so I didn't have him wanting my attention or coming into the room every three seconds to ask me a question.

But, THIS is what this post is about.... While I was drinking in the bliss of the moment, a very sad wave washed over me. I realized that this was probably the first time in her little life that she had ever been held and rocked to sleep. And the first time that anyone had ever held her WHILE she was sleeping just to revel in the perfection of her being. I realized (I, of course, have known this on a cerebral level) that no one has probably taken the time to just marvel at her. No one has ever enjoyed holding her just a little longer. No one has ever been totally overwhelmed at the love they felt for her and how amazing and perfect and meant to be she really is. No one, until now! Most likely, her birth mother had these feelings when she was born. I am sure she looked at this perfect child she had brought into the world and wished with all her heart she could hold her tenderly for the rest of her life. But that was not to be. My dear, sweet daughter, I can't give you back all those nights you were left to put yourself to sleep, but I can make up for lost time by being absolutely over the moon in love with you. I can breathe in your smell and stare at your angelic face and thank God every day for the rest of your life that He gave you to me.

Meg, tonight when you were asleep in my arms, Jack came in and looked at you and said, "I think she is the prettiest girl in the world. Every boy is going to want to be her boyfriend." My darling daughter, that's about as close to gushing as you'll ever get from a third grade boy. You are adored, you are cherished, you are loved! And you are ours! Sweet dreams, little angel!

Before I go, I just have to show you the photos from today. This is part of the reason Meg fell asleep in the car, because I am so in love with my town (Franklin, TN) and the sky was so blue and gorgeous (doesn't it look fake?), I just had to stop and take some photos of our small downtown.

I loved the contrast of the red shop front against the blue sky with the green trees.... makes me want to get my muffler fixed!:)


Proverbs 3:24
"When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet."

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pardon my rant, but some people... UGH!

Can I just say that sometimes other people's intolerance is just INTOLERABLE! I mean, I know that me being irritated by other people being intolerant is an oxy-moron of sorts, but this particular one really gets me going.

Today I had to take Connor for his four year old appointment with Dr. Heil (have I mentioned how much we love that man?) Anyway... digress digress, get to the point, Ondrea! So, Connor had his heart set on going to Barnes and Noble this morning to have an "Ice Krispy Treat" (as he says) and play with the trains. I didn't tell him we were going to the doctors office because I wanted to spare myself the crying as long as possible. So when we pull into the parking lot, he realizes where we are and he is NOT happy. But he complies with getting into the building without any drama. Then, some little girl happens to push the button to the elevator and all hell breaks loose. From that point on, there was no recovering for Connor. He couldn't pull it together. The trauma of not getting to push the button combined with the angst of the shots ahead was more than he could take. He dissolved into tears and proceeded to cry VERY loudly for the next 20 minutes. Here's where I start to get chapped. We go into the lobby and I am trying to comfort him AND stand in a five person deep line as we are already 10 minutes late for our appointment. I finally give up on trying to shut him up and I sit him down in a chair for a "time out." There is a dad in the office, probably ticked off because he had to take off work to bring his sick daughter to the doctor, and he keeps rolling his eyes at Connor (I hope he's a blog reader and his face is turning really red right about now... you know who you are!) Then he starts putting his magazine up in front of his face, whispering to his daughter and shaking his head very disapprovingly at me. Now granted, it was VERY loud. So loud, in fact, that the receptionist put us directly into a room to alleviate the other patients of the stress Connor was inducing in all the other kiddos. I get it, he was loud and it was obnoxious. But I also know enough as a mom to know that there are certain times when you just can't get your kid to cooperate. Anyone who's ever parented for more than 24 hours will tell you that there are situations when kids just don't obey, no amount of bribery, threatening, or comfort and coercion will deter them from their demonic possession. What parent, at one point or another, hasn't had one of those moments in public where they just want the ground to open up and swallow them whole?

What did this guy really think he was accomplishing with his "holier than thou" looks and "tsk, tsk"-ing? I mean, seriously, did he think humiliating me was going to make Connor more compliant and relaxed? Did he think passing judgment on me would make his wait in the waiting room more pleasant? Did he feel better about himself as a parent because his 12 year old'ish daughter was sitting nicely while my four year old son was melting down? I SO was about to go over there and say something to the affect of, "You look like you disapprove of his behavior. If you have some suggestions for how I could parent him better, I'm open to hearing them." Or maybe, "I'm sorry that my four-year-old's anxiety over his coming shots are disturbing you. Would you prefer that I take him into the hall to wait for the nurse so that you don't have to be inconvenienced?" Or how about this one, "You obviously haven't EVER had a moment as a parent where your child did something you didn't want her to, please excuse those of us who are obviously not as good at parenting as you are." Or how about just walking up and giving him the finger?

I know you might be thinking I am overreacting to this, but you just had to be there. All the other mothers in the waiting room were giving me the sympathetic, "I've been there" look. The lady on the appointment desk asked Tina, the receptionist, if she could get us to a room. I mean, this was LOUD shrieking, cry, drooling and sobbing. I didn't really feel sorry for Connor because he was being totally unreasonable. He didn't even cry when got his actual shot... it was the dread of the shots and the offense of the whole button thing. Which in itself, I realize, is ridiculous. In life, sometimes other people are going to push the button, but you can't imagine the knock-down, drag-outs we've had between the three boys over who will push that @&*# button. It reminds me of the old "shot gun" running battle I had with my siblings over who sat in the front seat. And I can tell you there were more than a few punches over that between my sister and myself. She always won, even at 8 years younger than me, she could whip me on a dime!

Anyway, that's the story today from the trenches of motherhood. I got into the exam room, and it took everything I had not to cry myself. By the way, I didn't get a chance to say any of those rude things to this guy because he got called back while I was gathering up my stuff and dragging Connor out of the waiting area. No matter, his daughter probably did something really embarrassing today anyway! It's just that as parents, I think we're all in this together most of the time and when I see a mom with a melting kid, I make it a point to pat her on the back and say "Hang in there, we've all been there and this too shall pass."

Whew, I feel much better now... I'm moving on!

Proverbs 20:22
"Do not say, 'I'll pay you back for this wrong!' Wait for the Lord and He will deliver you."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's not to love?

I just keep uncovering things I love about Meg (well, all my kids, really, but right now, Meg is the most "undiscovered", so I learn new things about her every day.)

I love that when we are dancing in the living room, she throws her head back as if she's just relishing every moment of being twirled and swayed across the floor by her Mama!

I love that she gets hair "do-ies" and puts them in her front teeth because this is what she sees me doing.

I love that when her cousin Reilly comes over, Meg thinks they are always supposed to have a bowl of Cheerios together because Reilly did this ONE time a few weeks ago and now Meg thinks of Cheerios every time Reilly is over.

I love that when she wants to go outside and play, she says, "oook", which is her version of "Luke" (our foster dog.)

I love that she loves girly stuff. She likes to put on bracelets and necklaces and goes straight for the high-heels in the dress up bin in the nursery. I love that she wants to sit with me in the morning when I am putting on my make-up and pulls various items out of my bag and pretends to be putting them on.

I love that she LOVES her big brothers.
Today we went to school to eat lunch with Jack and when she saw Liam she ran to him calling "Ny-Ya" (her version of Liam.) Of course, this thrilled him! And Jack was the hit of the lunchroom with his friends because they all wanted Meg to give them five, "pound it", sit by them, sit in their lap, etc. etc. At one point Jack commented that she was like a rock-star because all the kiddos that sit at his table were gathered around her vying for her attention... of course, this was fine with Jack because that meant that he was inadvertently getting attention and he was beaming from ear to ear!
Anyone who thinks that the differences between boys and girls are either 1) clothing or 2) learned environmentally should come to my house. In all likelihood, my daughter was never treated like a "girl". She wasn't given specific girl toys to play with, she wasn't taught different demeanor or treated differently from the boys in her group because she was a girl. All twelve children in her group lived by the same rules, followed the same routine, conformed to the same expectations, and played with the same store of toys. It's probably as near a gender-neutral environment as you can get. However, she is inherently a girl. She came into our life with no interest WHATSOEVER in any of the thousands of boy toys we had at our house. We quickly went to stock up on a few things like baby strollers and tea sets as it was apparent that she was at a loss for what to do with a dinosaur that roars or a remote control 4X4. Yet, she goes straight for the tea set every single day. She pushes her baby in the stroller, kisses her "ba-ba" (baby) every night at bedtime and then wants me to tuck the baby in with a tiny blanket, next to Meg with her regular sized blanket. She instinctively mothers things. And she is instinctively FULL of D-R-A-M-A.

She is so funny when she starts talking because you really can't make out a word she is saying, but she will carry on a one sided conversation, cocking her head to the side, pointing her finger, and batting her eyelashes. Daddy, watch out! :)

Now, I have to send props out to my friend, Becky, who is a rockin' chick in every way. But this particular day, she taught me how to imbed a link in my posts so that now you can just clickety click on the word rather than having to cut and paste! :) Yay, Becky! See, anyone with any technical prowess is worth awe in my book, which pretty much puts my hubby up there next to Bono in the rock star category, but HE isn't very helpful... he's always mumbling something about tech support and "reboot" nonsense. Becky on the other hand is technical AND helpful! :) Plus she has an adorable little fellow that I'm trying to work an arranged marriage to Meg. Anyway, thanks Becky! You rock!

Okay, it's after nine and there are TWO hours of Grey's Anatomy calling my name from our DVR... gotta run!

1 John 2:10
"Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble."

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Funniest Video (possibly) Ever!

HELP we're out of gas CLICK HERE

Okay, if you don't live in Nashville, this might not be funny to you. But it's been mayhem here for the past week or so as NO ONE in the city had gas. And those who DID have gas had a line wrapped about two blocks of cars waiting for gas. I have one friend who witnessed fights on a lot over who was next in line. Anyway, it's been total bedlum on the gas front here and some genius out there (I don't know the person who made this video OR the girl who blogged it, but my friend Sonja sent it to me and I had to share) put a very funny spin on it. It's four minutes of FUNNY STUFF.

In other news... look how adorable my boys are in their scout uniforms! :)

Also, Meg is counting to three. I have always counted to all my kiddos in both Russian and English. So that's what I do with Meg too. I count her toes, I count the steps in our house, I count the pushes on the swing, etc. etc. Tonight I was counting her toes and I first counted them in English, then I started over, counting in Russian. I said, "Adeen, Duva, Tree..." and when I got to three she said, "No, ooooonnnnnneeeee, twooooooooo...." :) So cute.

One other funny thing that happened today was that we were looking at some photos I had gotten in the mail (some = 377 because I haven't ordered pics in so long.) She was looking at them, putting them in a nice neat stack beside her. When I got to the Russia photos, we came across one of her caregivers with a group of kids in a stroller and holding hands beside her. Meg stopped in her tracks, stared at that photo for a LONG time in an almost trance-like state. She just sat there staring and I was beginning to wonder if she was going to fall asleep. Anyway, eventually, she kissed the picture and put it down. This was very sweet as I was worried about what emotion that photo was going to bring out from her. I didn't know if she would register any memory at all, but obviously it did. It concerned me a little because I am reading a book right now called Silent Tears by Kay Bratt and the treatment she describes in the orphanage she worked in is less than ideal by any standard. I am sure that some of the same practices happen in Russian orphanages. I don't think it's to the extreme she describes in her book simply because I know the kids don't spend all day in cribs, etc., but I know if you went to certain orphanages and certain locations, that would surely be the case. Anyway, I'm diverging (again) but the bottom line is, I was afraid it would scare her or bring up bad memories or something, but she seemed to remember and then move on... hallelujah! Maybe that's what we're all doing... moving on!

Now Nashvillians, go watch that funny funny video.

Love ya!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tidbits of Life

I'm heading off to a scrapbook retreat for the weekend, so I didn't want to leave both of you loyal readers hanging without an update before I go. I know what you're thinking... Scrapbook retreat, how LAME! Well, honestly, it is a tad bit lamish, but the truth is, this group of girls I am going with are far from lame and it will be a blast. And the place we are going is a very girly bed and breakfast that caters to ladies, so I am scheduled for a massage and lots of good gal pal time with my close friends! I can't wait! Plus, I might actually get caught up, or at least into this decade, on my photo albums. Seriously, I think the last thing I scrapped was Connor's second birthday, oops!

This was such a BUSY week! Monday night Jack had a baseball game and his team won! Yay! Go Jack!

Wednesday was Liam's first ever Tiger Scout meeting. Look how ADORABLE he looks in his uniform. Can you tell how proud he is? :)

Today some friends of ours did a lemonade stand to benefit the Hands and Feet ( project in Haiti. They raised a pretty good deal of money for an orphanage there, which was nearly destroyed by the last three hurricanes and is in need of $100,000.

I keep wishing that I had an e-mail address for the director of Baby Home #12 in St. Petersburg. I wish that the ladies in Group 4 could see Meg now! She is so stinkin' funny. Tonight we were getting ready for bed and she was totally trying to stall the whole process. This works with her daddy, but not with Mama, so it was just pretty much a failed attempt, until.... she got up as if she were going to get her blanket and mid-step she turned to look at me and started dancing. Too funny! I couldn't help but laugh. Of course, this only encouraged her more, but it was one of those moments where you just know the moment itself is worth more than hitting the pillow on the dot of the hour and so I relished in her blossoming personality for a few minutes. She is so much fun, all girl, and full of drama-rama! I took her to a clothing trunk show today and she tried on every piece of clothing and then would stand with her arms out for me to see what she looked like. Let me tell you that this is inherent! Not one of my boys would have tolerated this for more than two minutes! And I'm sure it's not like the baby home was putting on alot of fashion shows with the kiddos, so obviously, she just likes clothes and knew all eyes were on her so she was hamming it up. I just love being the Mama of a little girl! :) All you boy moms out there, if you're wondering for a moment whether it's worth it to just go for it and have a girl... the answer is YES! It's FUN!

One thing I do know is that I am going to have to nip the budding fashionista into some semblance of color coordination. She had on this adorable pink and green outfit the other day and insisted on wearing her brown boots with them... luckily we weren't going into public or else I would have had to wrestle them off her and make her put on the cute new white Mary Janes. All you people can save the "choose your battles" and "eventually she won't want to wear that stuff" speeches... I do choose my battles and believe me, after dressing three boys for eight years, this is one I am willing to fight. As long as I am bigger and stronger, she'll be dressing in bows from head to toe! :)

The last thing I want to get on record, and show you a cute photo of, is Connor's bubble bath adventure. Last night we bathed him in my big tub and turned on the jets (a rare treat since the boys usually make a huge mess of the floor.) At some point we added bubbles and boy was that the recipe for joy! Look at the mountain of bubbles we produced with about a teaspoon full of baby shampoo!

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's a big secret, don't tell anyone!

Okay, since I know you won't tell anyone, I think it's okay to share this story with you.

Liam has a girlfriend. I am not saying too much because I don't want to give away her identity and I also don't want to make him mad, but it's the cutest thing you've ever seen. He is in L-O-V-E with this cutie pie in his class. He comes home and looks at her photo in the yearbook and kisses it. Funny! And he apparently talks about her on the bus non-stop. And he knows she rides bus 40, which I think must mean she lives in Maplewood? Anyway, he's smitten. This is how the conversation went last Thursday.

Liam: Mom, I'm getting married.
Me: Great! Tell me about her.
Liam: Her name is X and she told me she wants to marry me. She said she thought alot about it and she just has to follow her heart.
Me: That's the cutest thing I've ever heard!

Then on Friday it went like this:
Me: Liam, how was your girlfriend today?
Liam: We broke up!
Me: Awww, why?
Liam: First I kissed her and she fell down on the grass and fainted. I kissed her right on the lips.
Me: Is that why she broke up with you?
Liam: No, she broke up with me because... ummm, I don't want to tell you. (he finally did end up telling me, but it was something that only made sense to a first grader.)

Today's conversation went like this:
Liam: X and I are back together.
Me: Oh good, she decide she couldn't live without you?
Liam: No, she said she was going to give me one more chance because she really wants to marry me. And oh, we played together on the playground, which helped her change her mind!

Oh my gosh, don't you wish all disputes could be settled so easily? You get mad (just like in first grade, it's usually over something stupid) and then you just sort of forget why you were mad because you're so busy having fun together. It would probably help if we were all as cute as Liam and his little crush, but nonetheless, I think there's a lesson here for me! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Connor's Birthday Party... another failed attempt at the Martha Stewart award!

Yesterday was Connor's birthday party. Yes, yes, I know, it's over three weeks since his birthday, but we have a crazy life and anyway, it took me two weeks to decide what weekend to host it. Turned out we picked a good one because it was so nice out yesterday. I was able to have the ten or so pre-schoolers (mostly) out in the yard for the majority of the party, which really made for a nice relaxing time for everyone. The five moms who stayed were able to visit and enjoy ourselves most of the time.

I am very thankful for good friends who give me alot of grace. I am probably the worst Southern hostess in the history of Southern women! I just can't seem to get it together. Scarlett O'Hara would be appalled at my party-giving abilities, for sure. Yesterday these awesome women that I have surrounded myself with did things that I obviously wasn't thinking to do... like get the drinks out of the fridge, take out the trash and get a garbage bag for wrapping paper and cupcake holders, find the Superman napkins that I had bought but forgotten to put out, etc. etc. etc. (Never mind that I bought Batman plates but never got those out... we'll be using Batman plates for dinner for the next two weeks! :) I know this comes as no surprise to alot of my family who has been put out if not down-right embarrassed for years over my lack of concern for the comfort of my guests! :) It's a joke in the neighborhood that you could sit at my house for an hour before it dawns on me to offer you something to drink. I told one neighbor that if she sees me out and I don't speak to her, don't take it personally, it's not that I don't like her, it's just that I'm not very thoughtful! :) Anyway, like I said, thankfully, I have friends that just take me as I am and don't hold it against me. And even pitch in to make me look "not so bad". Truly, I'm an okay person, I'm just a bit of a party-giving airhead.

But I do have to say that I get the mother of the year award compared to my husband, who slipped upstairs to watch a bit of college football at the beginning of the party and promptly fell asleep. He woke up 15 minutes after the party was over, missed the cake, presents, everything. hehehehe So... I can't say I blame him for not wanting to hang out with five neighborhood moms.

The good news is that Connor never noticed any of our blunders. He got to feel special for two hours, got alot of fun presents (which to a four year old is really what the party is about anyway) and had a blast with his friends! There were only two girls invited, it was like a pack of bear cubs wrestling and giggling for two solid hours.

Here's the evidence of a thoroughly successful celebration, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Conversations in the car

Here is what I overheard on the way home from the lake on Sunday:

Brian: Who can tell me one organ of the body?
Liam: HEART!!!
Brian: Yes, good job. What does the heart do?
Connor: Pumps your blood.
Brian: Yes, who can tell me another organ.
Brian: Can you remember another organ?
Liam: Balls!
Snickers from me and Brian in the front.
Brian: Well, that's not exactly an organ, but what do the balls do?
(Okay, I might have used this opportunity to correct the terminology, but whatever.)
Liam: They hold your babies.
Brian: That's right, Liam, when you get older, that's what helps you make babies.
Connor: Does mom have balls? (Again, I'll resist the urge to point out how big my "balls" must be to take on four kids, but whatever.)
Brian: No, mom has a uterus.
Connor: Hey, no fair, I want a uterus!
More laughter from the front.... more laughter. And now we are dissolved into tears and trying to recover because Connor sees he's gotten a laugh and is saying over and over again, "I want a uterus."

There's just nothing in the world like hearing your four year old son say the word, "uterus". Now, I wonder what this is going to do to their concept of gender as they grow? :) I promptly ordered them a book called, "My Amazing Body" that has all sorts of information on the "organs" of the human body! :)