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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Years Resolultions?

I have been pretty intrigued by reading everyone's new year's resolutions or goals from their blogs.  I don't usually make new year's resolutions.  There are several reasons, but the main reason I don't is because I have Attention Deficit Disorder, which means by January 2, I've seen some sparkly bobble of a resolution that looked more intriguing than the resolutions I actually made, so I abandon mine and take up theirs and this pattern continues until I forget that there ever were resolutions and I move on to some other random tangent.  So, it's best for folks like me not to get too zealous about making sweeping change in our lives because it will inevitably lead to distraction and ultimate failure.  I'm not trying to be depressing here... I'm not wasted by this fact, just realistic.  It is what it is so therefore, I don't usually resolve to do a whole lot of things differently simply because the calendar reads January 1.

HOWEVER, since everyone seems to be advertising the changes they intend to make in the coming year, I thought maybe I'm somehow avoiding becoming a better person by missing this opportunity to change myself.  So here goes, my grand resolve for 2010:

1.  I will remember to pack a napkin in Connor's lunch like his teacher has been asking for a whole semester.
2.  I will try to be no more than 10 minutes late to pre-school for the remainder of the semester.
3.  I will actually brush my teeth every single day!
4.  I resolve not to make any elaborate plans and goals that I know on the front end I will not follow through on.

I know these will be very tough to accomplish, for an unorganized, distractible individual like myself, but I shall try!  I do not say that tongue-in-cheek, if I actually get a napkin in Connor's box every day it will be a major achievement.

I hope you have set some attainable, yet lofty goals for yourself as well.  If you have any goals for the year that don't involve losing weight or having a cleaner house, I'd love to hear about them.  I mean, if you plan to lose weight and keep a cleaner house, I really hope you achieve them, don't get me wrong.  Those are certainly great goals.  It's just that if I were a resolution making person, those would probably be my goals, and if you have those goals and share them with me I will probably get some grand idea that I, too, could keep a cleaner house and lose a little weight and I'll be tempted to join you in what would turn out to be a doomed venture! :)

Happy resolving!


Lindsay said...

Buy one of those packs of 100 paper napkins and give to teacher.

Hey Presto! Resolution No. 1 accomplished :)

Tracy said...

I'm loving those realistic resolutions!! You truly should write a book--- totally would be a best-seller! --- and I think I've finally figured out what the not-me-monday is all about--- it always confused me! You're awesome!

Carrie said...

As one of those people who has watched you chase many sparkly bobbles that I only have the nerve to gaze at from afar, I think you accomplish more than most of the resolution-making population. I just think of you as a "big thinker"... and do napkins and brushed teeth REALLY matter that much in the big picture of life?

Kristine said...

I love your goals, they made me laugh, because I could use them as mine as well.

The weight loss goal I have is always there...hanging over the top of my jeans ;) it comes and goes...and I love the times it is gone.

Sunday in church, I prayed that no matter what this year that I was turning my life completely over to Christ. I asked Him to use me this year and to help me with anything I didn't feel I was able to do for Him. I told Him I was scared to turn myself over to Him, but that I knew He would not give me more than I could handle. Now, I am just waiting...wondering what it is going to be. Waiting with curiosity and excitement.


Amy said...

you make me laugh! I love the teeth brushing especially as it could totally be my goal as well!

Becky and Keith said...

I had the same preschool resolution and on January 5th it flew out the window. By about an hour. :-) Hope yours goes better than mine!

Kristine said... made me laugh again with the comment on my blog...I think you missed the "and then after that" comment...I wished I could get it all done in 30 minutes..wouldn't that be something! now that would make me SO HAPPY.


Barb said...

Makes me think about the first year we were here in Finland . . . Mattias was in Grade 1 and they had a late start every Wednesday (the bus came 2 times) . . . I sent him on the first bus 80% of the time so he had to wait around at school for an hour for the rest of his class . . . He still brings it up when he's trying to make me feel bad . . . anyways, sending him on the right bus should've been my resolution that year!