The truth as I know it:

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bad habits follow me everywhere....

Today, Meg and I decided to make some cupcakes. Really, Meg decided she was going to make cupcakes, which required my participation, but anyway, it sounds more domestic and motherly if I say that I was a willing participant in this activity that a) made a mess and b) will FORCE me to eat something fattening.  Anyway, beside the point.

While I was heating the oven, waiting to put this in.... I started to smell something. 

I realized I had never removed these from the oven.  I knew something was missing at dinner last night. 

Oops.... to my complete dismay, I am STILL not Martha Stewart! 

**** Who actually likes Martha Stewart anyway?  I'm pretty sure she has no sense of humor whatsoever!  And she's semi-old.  And she is single, even her husband didn't like her (which is saying alot if, you know, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach and she's an amazing cook and all...)  Plus I don't think she can actually do all that cooking, she has a staff.  PDub has no staff... right?  And Martha isn't exactly known for her truthfulness, if you know what I mean.  So what if she's good at stuff.  So what if she does date Anthony Hopkins (he's kinda hot for an old guy.)  So screw Martha Stewart.  I don't want to be like her anyway.  Now Ree Drummond?  I'll think a little more about wanting to be like her.  She's FUNNY!  She clearly has a great sense of humor.  She's real!  And her HUSBAND is hot too!  So, take that Martha... you're out! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Y'all are not going to believe this....

In my life I've never heard of such.  We took Meg to see the doctor today (not Dr. Heil, sniff sniff) and low and behold, she had a seed tick on her head.  Huh?  Where the tarnation did that thang come from?  Oh, sorry, that's how it sounds in my head.... anyway, back to the point.  So, I asked the nurse for a pair of tweezers so I could pull the little sucker (literally) off.  She said, "Oh, I don't think you should do that.  Let's let Dr. T pull it off."  "Oooookaaaayyyyy, uh, if you think so.  Well, okay... I guess."

Enter Dr. T.
Me: "Can you get me some tweezers so I can get this tick off my daughters head?"

Dr. T: "It's probably a louse.  Let me see.  Yes, that is a louse."  (He is sort of backing away at this point.)

Me:  "Nooooo, that is a tick.  I have seen many a tick and believe me, that's not lice, it's a tick."  (as it turns out, I've actually seen lice too, and believe me, that ain't no louse....)

Dr. T:  "We don't have ticks in Hawaii."

Me:  "Well, apparently you do because we haven't been off the island in six weeks."

Dr. T:  "I'm going to need to send this off to the lab to have it identified."

Me:  "Okay, but I can go ahead and tell you it's a tick."  tee hee hee

So, we went on to laugh about the fact that this was so commonplace for me.  And the fact that I have removed more than my fair share of ticks, between myself, my husband, and my four kids, there's not a tick I can't stare down at 40 paces.  And the best laugh was that he has been a pediatrician for probably 35 years and this is the first time he's seen a tick on a child (or even a real live tick, for that matter.)  So, for the first time in my life as a mother (and on only my second visit to this particular doctor) I have finally stumped the ped.  Of course, it doesn't REALLY count because it wasn't Dr. Heil, but still.

Seriously though, have any of y'all EVER heard of such non-sense?  Sending a tick off to a lab to be "identified."  Sorry he didn't come with his papers properly displayed, but I'm fairly certain it's a plain old deer tick.  There's a few things these island folk could learn from us Southerners.  :)  Can you imagine the look on the faces of someone at the lab if they sent that thing to LabQuest in Mississippi or Alabama?  Ha!  I'd love to hear what Aunt Susie had to say about that!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week 5 in Paradise

So, I am a terrible person, I don't blog and I don't clean my house.  There, I said it, I feel so much better about myself! :)  I am sure you didn't have any idea that I am a slob so it feels really good to get that off my chest.  But I did clean today.  And I did get my hair cut.  I know there is a way to take a photo of myself via the MacBook, but I haven't figured out what it is yet... so I'll show you later.  What I can share is this:

We went out to Makapu'u last Wednesday while Amy was still here.

Boys will be boys, no matter what!

The consummate crab hunter

My gorgeous girl! 

It's okay to hate someone who has those abs and never works out, right?

All of a sudden, he loves the camera????

Someone crammed this lightpole into the side of the rocks to make a "jumping" board.

The dirtiest feet in the world... 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Green Peace? Whale Wars? Monthly donations?

On my way into Good Will today to purchase my second sewing machine in as many weeks, I was stopped by a very young, enthusiastic, naive, well-meaning, unaware-of-what-he-was-getting-into gentleman.  He was with Green Peace.  I know because that's what his shirt said.  And he told me.  And also he had a little piece of paper that he wanted me to sign saying I would give money to them every month.

Now first of all, before you start laughing at the sheer absurdity that a Southern girl, raised on a working rodeo-stock farm would ever join an organization like Green Peace, you must, in honor of Paul Harvey, hear the "rest of the story."

Green Peace Guy (a.k.a. GPG) - Do you care about our oceans and over-fishing by commercial fishermen?

Me: Um, yesssss?

GPG:  Do you know that sometimes when commercial fishermen catch more than they need, they will throw "extras" like pregnant dolphins back into the water?

Me:  (thinking to myself, "I didn't realize that when you were doing something for money you would ever say, "ooops, I've caught too much, better not bring home a check that big, the kids might start asking for more stuff... let's unload some of this cash fish before we hit the docks."  I know this to be a fact because I've never seen the guys on Deadliest Catch throw anything back.... I'm an expert on these things, I watch Discovery Channel ALL the time!) What I really said was, "No, I didn't realize that."

GPG:  Well, did you know that our waters are being fished for whales against international law and Green Peace has managed to obtain protection of 6% of the oceans?

Me:  Since you brought up the whales, you know I was just thinking about that show Whale Wars.  You know, I think it's a Green Peace guy that started that organization.

GPG:  Yes, so you're familiar with what we're trying to do in the oceans then?

Me:  You know the thing that always cracks me up about that show?  Those guys are so passionate about those whales that they are willing to go to jail or even die to protect even one whale from dying, but you know what, I bet every single person on that boat is pro-choice, don't you?  I mean, I bet none of them mind when a human baby gets killed?  Don't you guess?

GPG:  (Now starting to clearly wish he had found someone else to approach) Well, I never really thought about it.  I try not to get into politics too much.  I'm just advocating that we demand that Congress clean up our oceans.  (now switching his approach.)  Did you know that some of the trash from the Great Pacific Waste Dump is starting to wash up on the North Shore, right here in Oahu.  Surely that is something you care about.  And if you will just fill out this pledge form and make a monthly commitment, we can go to Congress and tell them "You will do what we say and we say you WILL trawl that 10 story deep trash pit in the Pacific."  Surely that's something you could support.

Me:  You know, I also support that cosmetic products not be tested needlessly on animals.  PETA is also against animal testing.  But I am not a member of PETA because although we agree on that one subject, there are about 10,000 other subjects we disagree on.  So I tell you what, if you'll give me a business card, I'll go home and look you up on-line.  If the values of Green Peace and the values of Sasha Harrison line up, I'll fill in the pledge information and gladly make a contribution.

GPG:  Have fun sewing!  (I'm not making that up, that's exactly how he gave me the brush off!)

First of all, if he had only known I was from the South, he probably wouldn't have bothered.  Second, if he HAD bothered or been a gentleman in any way, he would have offered to carry my circa 1963 Singer to the car for me because it was CLEARLY heavy (evidenced by the fact that I switched arms twice and finally gave up and set it down.)  Girls from the South are suckers for guys that do stuff like that just to be nice.  And third, a 23 year old liberal should never try to out-sell a 40 year old mama who knows about the orphan crisis.  Just sayin', I have things in perspective here! :)

In other news, our bunny has disappeared and it appears the Harrisons are not meant to be pet owners here in HI.

Also, Amy is leaving on Saturday and I'm so distraught I would have decked the GPG if I had thought of it sooner, it would have made me feel alot better to get that angst of her leaving out on someone.

In other Clampet-esk news, we came home from the mall tonight and the door from the garage to the kitchen was open.  Amy wigged out and thought she saw someone in the kitchen so long story shortened, we call the police (Brian wasn't home yet) and within about 5 minutes, there are no less than 6 cop cars in front of our house, one guy on the corner watching the perimeter, two guys on the front lawn and a man and woman officer going into the house.  The man had a RIFLE (not the kind my Daddy uses to hunt deer, but a HUGE black assault rifle) drawn and cocked.  Then I realized it was live filming for Hawaii-Five-O.  Turns out there was no one in the house, but I did get a big fat lecture about leaving my windows open when I'm not home.  They said I was just inviting a burglar.  So, we're all locked up and sweating tonight! :)  If only I had an attack dog, I could be safe AND cool all at the same time.  I say that because there are signs all around at the really nice houses near me that say "Guard Dog on Duty."  It makes me laugh, like maybe the dog doesn't live there, but actually just comes in shifts like that cartoon dog that used to punch the clock.  I think his name was Sam.  Anyway, I never really notice dogs at those houses, just the signs, so maybe they don't have dogs at all.  But I think if I were a thief, I'd choose another house anyway.  :)

Oh, and by the way, our word of the day today was Sabotacion.  (As in, we were sabotaged.)  :)

And we went to the Lego store tonight.  There was a mini-figure building contest and Liam won.  :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heating Things Up in Hawaii

Yesterday was Jack and Meg's birthdays.  Jack wanted to take surf lessons to celebrate his "golden" birthday (11 on the 11th) so we signed up with Hawaiian Fire. This is an AMAZING group of men and women, firefighters, who love to surf and are pretty dang good at it.  They took their passions (surfing and helping people) and combined them into a business.  And voila, we get the privilege of learning to surf by a bunch of able-bodied firefighters (who aren't hard to look at either, I might add.)  In addition to the surfing lessons, we've had a few other adventures this week.  We climbed to the top of Diamond Head (although I have no photos to show because my camera battery died.)  And we visited Kaimana Beach, Manoa Beach Park for Fireworks, and attended the "International Hispanic Celebration" in Kapiolani Park.  We saw the Palace of one of the former queens and the Kamehameha statue.  Pictures will better tell the story.  Enjoy!

Here's Amazing Amy, getting psyched up for her lesson.

Jack is going to miss Amy when she goes home (in less than two weeks) because she is his tireless playmate.

Amy is a natural on the surf board.  This was the result the FIRST time she tried.

The birthday crew

Daddy's girl!

Connor and his instructor, Sean

It made it a little easier to watch my baby being dragged off into the powerful surf knowing he was in the hands of a very capable surfer/firefighter guy! :)

Oops, almost a crash.  You can't tell from this photo, but Sean had his hand on Jack's board, avoiding being run over and at the same time, managing to keep Jack upright on his board!  Be still my heart! Almost lost two at once there! hehee

The Gun Show Crew

Oh have mercy!

Brian surfing on his first try....

Connor getting ready to stand up, Jack in the background

Liam about to stand up... check out the skills on this guy, he can surf, lean over to pick up a kid, and keep his baseball hat on all at the same time.

Liam couldn't believe he was actually surfing.  The look on his face is totally priceless!

The crew... they even let mama in the photo (even though I was the only one who didn't surf.)

Liam heading out to sea.

Even Meg got in on the action, thanks to the sweetness of the instructor.

You can tell from the ear to ear grin that she loved EVERY single second of it.  What a great 4th birthday memory!

King Kamehameha (Kah-may-ha-may-ha)

Super cool tree... not sure what Jack is doing here?

Something new in our fridge.  We're trying to be adventurous with our eating.  These are Rhambutan and they can be found at Costco.  :)  They taste something between a strawberry and a grape with the texture of a grape. 

Friday night pic-nic and fireworks... amazing! 

Sunset over Manoa Beach

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Eyes Wide Open (Closed)

I have two things that I have discovered lately that I wanted to recommend to all of you.  The first is the new Jars of Clay CD, which I believe came out yesterday.  The CD is entitled The Shelter and it is amazing.  This is a band that truly never disappoints me.  There is never a CD that sounds like the last one, there's never a time when I'm not blown away by the insightfulness and depth of their lyrics and talent!  I highly recommend the new album, it's amazing! You can click here to download the CD from iTunes.... promise you'll be blessed.

Second thing I wanted to recommend was a book called Love and Respect by Emerson Eggerichs.  I love this book and I have read and re-read it.  It's got some really good stuff in there.  The book is almost entirely based on one verse in the Bible, Ephesians 5:33.  I've read that verse a thousand times, but this is an entire book blowing the whole verse and the way I've read it into micro-view.  Without giving away the entire context of the book, Eggerichs goes into explaining WHY God felt it was necessary to point out to men that they should love their wives (love isn't always the "natural" emotion for men) and why He felt that He needed to insist that women "RESPECT" their husbands (He designed us to love unconditionally, but respect isn't typically something women think about in showing that love.)  The book is a bit redundant in the first section, several stories to illustrate and re-emphasize his points, but stick with it, in the second section of the book it gets better.  It's something I will be giving to every couple from this day forward as a wedding gift.  I believe it may be THE key to a good marriage.  It's definitely improved my relationship with Brian.  It's relieved me from feeling the need to always be "in control" (read that as control freak and you'll be more accurate!)  

Anyway, I hope that these two things bless you the way they have blessed me.  They have each been a gift to me in multiple ways.  

Ephesians 5:33
"Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband." 

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

If ever something needed to go viral...

Then this is it!

In Vicky Bell's blog, there is a letter to her daughter.  I don't know Vicky, I don't know her daughter.  But in this "day and age", alot of things "go viral" on the internet from very organic origins (remember the sneezing kitty, the dancing baby, the chubby guy singing?)  Well, THIS BLOG POST!, my friends, is worthy of "viral" and I hope I can hang on to this so that all of my kids will know this at some point in their lives.  I wish I had known this when I was in high school and college, but I guess, the truth is, no one ever knows this until they've gone through a few bad things and lived to tell the story, and lived to know that nothing is ever as devastating as you initially think it is.  Can we really ever "tell" someone this and have them believe it?  Or do we all have to get to adulthood by the skin of our teeth, through "kid-stupid" stunts and bad choices?  But still, it's a good reminder.  Thank you, Vicky, whoever you are, for sharing this seasoned "mom" wisdom with the world.

Aloha from Hawaii...


Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stuck in two worlds....

Tonight, I told Brian (he's still going by his actual name) that I am stuck between two worlds.  First, I am missing my friends. On the one hand, there is this in Tennessee.....

My precious niece, who I get to live around the corner from... ahhh, family!

Our fun cubby bedrooms, that are filled with friends every day!  And my nephew, Harry!

Our fun friends, and Friday night Mexican! 

Our neighborhood!

The boat and OUR DOG!!!!!!!

Other great friends!

The CAT!

Our best buddies!

More family... not that we saw them any more often, but they were there if we needed them! 

Our sweet Hopey girl! 

Gentry's Farm and MORE friends!

This amazing individual... and this good hair... what happened to that?

And her!  Sister!

I can't help but giggle... nothing but funniness coming from this little one!

Fostering dogs...I miss it!  And I miss Shawn, who I foster WITH!

Fall colors.... ahhhh!  And cool weather!

Changing leaves... and Mickey!

"non" snow days....

And these goof balls.... 

And this amazing family... I miss them the mostest!

But some day, I'll be sad that I can't go to the beach for sunset in a two minute walk!

Or that I don't have a pool in my back yard.

And that I'm not a 25 minute drive from this... and the sea turtles!

And this isn't just at the end of my block....

And when I look out my back door at night, this won't be what I see a year from now....

The Pali Overlook won't be a 25 minute drive from my house....

Where the wind blows harder than anywhere I've ever been... consistently... day after day.

(My little Marilynn Monroe!)

These gorgeous views will be a memory.

Rainbows will be over the Primus building, not a palm tree (right Sandra?)

Hokulani may or may not be part of our future....

But this little angel definitely WILL be there! 

Thank you God, for Roots and Wings!