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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Monday, March 02, 2009

What am I, some kind of overachiever?

Whew, two blog posts in one day? What am I, some kind of blogachiever or something? Anyway, I just visited a blog I have been to several times before, but today I noticed that she was creating this really fun blog carnival... on a whim, I decided to participate. Why did I DO that? I mean, like I really need another blog to read... but anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, she is doing this fun blog carnival and I wanted to jump in on it and you might just be interested in it yourself. Go have some fun with Lynette at "Dancing Barefoot". And participate in Getting to Know You, if you feel so inclined. And even if you don't participate, you can still go check out all the other fun, she-she people that are actually participating... you might just find someone you love over there. :) Just click on the link below and then click to your hearts content while you get to know lots of other folks out there in Bloggyville.

Oh yeah, and since it's still Monday, might I add that I did NOT make it through a $200 trip to the grocery today with BOTH my pre-schooler AND my 2 year old in tow. I did not accomplish this by an ingenius game I thought up on the way into said grocery (whose employees all wear green vests.) I gave them a box of Jelly Belly candy and told them that they were "invisible pills." Every time they saw someone wearing green they needed to take a pill because today all pirates were wearing green. If a Pirate saw them before they took their pill, we'd be pillaged and made to walk the plank. They did a most excellent job of playing the game and you would not believe how many people were wearing green today (besides said employees.) And so what if they ate so much sugar that they ruined their lunch... there were NO tears at the grocery! :) I call that one successful Monday!

My verse for the day is Song of Songs... the entire book. Seriously, it's only like 7 chapters long and if you read it in The Message translation of the Bible, it's a beautiful love story that will make you just want to squeeze your hubby too tight!


Bethany said...

Cute grocery store game! I'll have to remember that when Caroline is a bit older. We went to Target tonight and she freaked out when DH pushed the buggy. She's into the habit of only having mommy at the store! What have I created???

Bethany said...

You are too funny!

The tent sale is in the Atlanta area. I don't suppose you will be coming down for it? :) It's at an upscale boutique but will also be having a consignment shop selling some of their stuff as well. ???

My mom is Preston's sister. So, we are on opposite sides of the family. It's really neat to think that we share family and haven't seen each other in years! We were in Nashville this week looking at potential houses. Tim's company may be transferring him there, but I didn't post about it because my sister doesn't know anything about it. We looked at houses in Hendersonville.

We definitely are a LONG way from home!!!

Becky and Keith said...

I carnivaled too! :-) Yay! I love, love your grocery store game. You crack me up!

mommaof4wife2r said...

song of songs is awesome..."i am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." that's me and hubs marriage verse!

Sunny Mom said...

Found your blog through Getting to Know You! I am adopting from Korea currently and would always love some advance! I love you quote at the top!