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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not Me Monday

Well, this week's Not Me is a humdinger, let me tell you. Because LAST week I most certainly did NOT link the WRONG Not Me post to MckMama's Mr. Linky, and then wonder "Why in the heck does everyone keep talking to me about Disney?" HA! "Well, genius Ondrea, that would be because you put the Not-Me URL from Disney in Mr. Linky-thing instead of the actual current Not Me." So, sorry to all you faithful readers (all 5 of you) who linked over to the OLD post, wondering why the heck I was playing the game with an old Not-Me. I am sure you must have done something wrong on your end because there is NO way I made a technical mistake, nope, not me!

My kids did not talk me into letting them put bubbles into my whirlpool tub (you know, the one that says NEVER use bubble bath.) If I had let them talk me into it, that would be silly because I know from experience that the bubbles get so tall they cover the kids. I also would know from experience, if I had ever actually let them do that, that the bubbles get into the motor of the tub and there will be bubbles in the bath for eternity (or at least the next 15 baths) until all the soap actually runs through there, even when you don't actually WANT a bubble bath. So, there is NO way I would ever let them do that, speaking from experience and all. And if I had actually let them do it, this would not have been the result!

And there is no way in the world that four clean, shining children who live in my household could possibly produce THIS MUCH dirt from one bath. No way, because you see, my children do not get dirty, they play in their Sunday clothes day in and day out with no stains, spills, or tears. So, there just has to be some other explanation for what was left in my previously clean tub when they did get out of it.

I am not one of those people who takes photos when I see something in a store I want to make buy. Actually, mostly I would take photos of the quotes I would want to remember so I could actually use those.... but that would be if I was that type of person, which I am not, but if I was, then I would have liked this quote from Winnie the Pooh on a frame that I saw during Feile Franklin and I would have been planning to write it on something for my friend's upcoming 40th birthday dinner.

My husband is definitely NOT Irish. He is not proud of the fact that he has dual citizenship, and he does not tell our kids how lucky they are to be Russian/American/Irish on St. Patrick's Day. He does not make such a big stinkin deal out of us all dressing in green take so much pride in his Irish heritage that Liam dressed in green from head to toe for the occasion. He even wore a TIE... TO SCHOOL! Or wait, maybe he didn't.... but anyway, I'm not actually a little over the top proud of his Irish family too. I'm not so in love with his Irish cousins that I wish I could adopt all of them too (along with the 147,000,000 others who need me [or YOU] to love them.)

Speaking of not being Irish... the leprechauns do not ever come to our house on the eve of St. Patrick's Day. We make a big point to keep the little buggers out of the house at all cost, but if they did happen to get in, they would not have squirted shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror and written edicts to our family (like Green Rules or Go Green) in the shaving cream. They would not ever clean out their nasty little ears and leave the green food coloring ear wax on the end of their swabs, which would most certainly not be thrown on the bathroom floor. They wouldn't leave green pea in the toilet, they wouldn't turn the toothbrushes all green from where they stuck them in their nasty little mouths, and they wouldn't have left tiny little footprints on the bathroom counter from where they were messy with the toothpaste and then walked through it. This would never happen because leprechauns are nice little folk who are not dirty (they only get a bath once a year before the big day, you know) and they are not at all known for their mischief.

And last, but certainly not least, this photo does not have one thing to do with a Monday or Not Me (because it's actually NOT me.) And I would not be posting this here just in the hopes of embarrassing my neighbor. Because actually, I happen to know that he wouldn't be embarrassed by this photo snapped of him at the Feile Franklin Irish Street Festival last weekend. He would not be embarrassed because he actually isn't Irish either and if you don't know, it's darn near impossible to embarrass the Irish... they'll do anything in the name of a good time! :)

Actually, this is going to be last... because I did NOT totally completely and utterly FORGET that today is Monday... not me. How lame would that be? Seriously, I didn't have my post prepared ahead of time and everything and I am not sitting here kicking myself knowing I'll be about number 3,000 on Mr. Linky. ARGH!

So there you have it, my friends, all the things I didn't do, and would never admit to if I had. If you haven't done anything crazy this week that you'd like to hide from the world confess for all to judge, then by all means, just head over to MckMama's the check out what all the "normal" people are in a stir about. :)

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