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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's another Monday, another opportunity to head over to McMama's place and get your "Not Me" on... or just read mine and laugh (or cry) at my crazy life. Or maybe just be thoroughly confused, because apparently there is a whole contingency of people who can't figure out if I actually do these things or not. :)

This week I did NOT spend the whole week planning in my head what I would do with a completely child free 48 hours. I would not be looking forward to two entire days alone with my hubby, who I have actually really not been alone with for eight months. The last time we were actually alone was NOT in St. Petersburg, Russia... that would mean that it has been eight whole months since we've had time to just remember what it is we like about hanging out together... that's way too long!

I also did NOT (no way, no how) actually sleep until 9:47 Saturday morning. Ahhhh, the glory of sleep. I did wake up at 6:15 and think momentarily that I would not be able to get back to sleep, but then, blissfully, I drifted back into oblivion for three more hours.

I did not get a visit from my sweet neighbor this week, who is expecting her third child, to tell me that it's also her third BOY! She brought me a green cupcake with dirt and worms on it to tell me that there would be yet another dirty little munchkin making a trail between her house and mine.

I did not sew two pairs of pants, one dress and one shirt in the free time I had on Saturday!

I did not miss my kids at all. I mean, knowing all too well how quickly the time would go, why would I waste any of that glorious free time missing them? Well, maybe I DID do this, just a little... you figure it out. :)

My sweet husband did not make me breakfast BOTH days this weekend. And Sunday morning he didn't actually even garnish the plate with orange wedges. Is this what life will be like when the nest is empty? Not that I'm anywhere CLOSE to having an empty nest (which is probably why I can flippantly refer to it without tears in my eyes) because by the time our nest actually is empty (if we are still alive) we will be so old that someone will be pureeing our breakfast for us. :)

I did not rescue TWO dogs this week.The first was the aforementioned sweet Millie, who was only momentarily at our house. Number two on the adventure this week is the little vagabond who showed up at my dad's house and luckily landed here at my house rather than the other fate that awaited him if I hadn't agreed to take him. My dad is a softy for animals like I am, but he (the dog) would have met a much crueler fate if my dad's one attempt (calling me) at rehoming his had not worked.

I did not have a great night out on Saturday with several couples from our neighborhood.We did not attend Feile Franklin, an Irish festival, together. It was not so nice to be out with friends we don't see much of in the winter (in the summer we are all together constantly as a result of swim team, boating, etc. that we do together) and just a good chance to catch up with some fun folks.

At said event, I did not make an appetizer that was actually completely eaten AND complimented. As I may have mentioned, I am not a very good cook and rarely have I ever taken a dish that was actually all eaten, much less complimented. I guess buffalo chicken dip will be my new staple dish to bring to parties. At this event, my neighbors did not have the sweetest things to say about Meg, reminding me once again how blessed we are and how amazing God is!

What didn't you do this week? Head on over to MckMama's to participate in your own confessions!


lori said...

You got a lot of sewing done this weekend! Your remark about pureeing food by the time the last child is gone made me laugh. We're pretty much in the same boat. Jay will be 60 when Sophie graduates!

Katie@ThisCrazyLife said...

Hey there, It has been awhile since I commented here. I know I have done it before and you on mine as well. Just wanted to let you know I have been reading and just realized where you are. You mentioned a festival in Franklin. I have a good friend from high school who is the executive chef at a restaurant there. Wondering if you have ever been to the Boscos in Cool Springs? Just a thought. By the way, you sure "didn't do" a whole lot this week!