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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Friday, March 06, 2009

Favorite Photo Friday... and a little more

Okay friends, I thought I could get off on a rant. But then I found this awesome, cool adoptive mom who just took all the words right out of my mouth! And she was ranting about something that I haven't ranted about in a while and it reminded me of how absolutely annoying it can be when people are so freakin' clueless. Check it out...

Also, another thing I have been noticing and meaning to write about that I haven't taken time to say... mostly because I've been so consumed with trying to figure out how to sell all my possessions and give them to the poor without actually doing it. Seriously, isn't that what we're supposed to do? Read that passage in the Bible (Matthew 19:21) and then figure out what the heck Jesus REALLY meant because surely he didn't intend for me to live a life of less. Hmmmm, still working on it, but I'll let you know if I come up with something brilliant... k?

So, what I have also been thinking about is how this on-line blogging community really is just that... a community. It's very much like making friends. My friends who don't blog or don't at least follow blogs don't really understand that. Most blogs start out as a way for a blogger to chronicle some things of a personal nature. Sometimes maybe it's started with the intent of educating or whatever, but not the blogs I follow. Most of us are just moms who started out writing for our families and it developed into something more... an outlet for us, a community of like-minded women supporting one another, a way to remind ourselves that we are not alone, a connection to the outside world that's sometimes hard to come by when you're raising little children, and just plain entertaining too. The thing I have noticed for myself is that the people who follow my blog and the folks whose blogs I follow are mostly like-minded individuals who have something in common with me and me with them. A great majority of us are adoptive families, which immediately means we "get" each other on some level. The rest are certainly mom's and no one understands a mom's heart like another mom. So, you take a bunch of women who have something very sacred in common, and voila, community. But it goes beyond that. There are also "conversations" that take place in blog land. All the time I see a post on someone's blog that I want to comment on, like responding to a friend in conversation. And sometimes those posts or those comments spur posts on my own blog, where I link back to the original poster's prompting, which brings my friends (followers) to her blog and instantly, I've introduced one of my friends to another of my friends. So, the conversation continues and the community grows and we all sort of seem to know one another. I mean, how many of you reading this haven't at least once popped over to MckMama (Brian, you don't count!) So, then, in blog land, you start to follow blogs and you realize that these women follow pretty much the same ones you do (you know all the same people, like at PTO meetings.) You see the same faces and same links all around. And that furthers the notion that if these women all lived on your street (oh, what a glorious neighborhood that would be!) you'd definitely be having play dates and ranting about all this stuff in person... and MckMama would be taking our pictures for us and we'd be living in that Walgreen's commercial... you know, Perfect. But we don't and never will this side of heaven, so for now, I'll just keep blogging and keep letting my non-blog friends laugh at me when I say that Barb in Finland is my friend.

Cheerio my dear friends, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

My favorite photo this week? This morning Liam asked me to take a photo of his shoes because he wanted to remember them just the way they are (brand new with no scuffs.) Precious! So I took a photo of his whole body, not just his shoes, because although he's not brand new, he's pretty "unscuffed" right now and I want to remember HIM just this way! And as I was watching him walk to the bus stop with my heart so heavy it felt like it would break because of all the struggles he has to deal with in life, I remembered that Jesus loves him as much as he ever loved anyone and Jesus' heart is breaking for him too. And as pitiful as it is to watch him struggle with all the effects of what was done to him as an infant, the good news is that he is loved and precious!

Oh yeah, and if it's still freezing cold where you are, just ignore the fact that he was leaving for school with no coat because it's supposed to be warm here this weekend! :)

Genesis 35:11 "And God said to him, "I am God Almighty ; be fruitful and increase in number. A nation and a community of nations will come from you, and kings will come from your body."


Barb said...

I so totally get your thoughts about the blog community. I can't wait each day to read what "my friends" are up to. I love getting feedback from these people and have received so much support and encouragement from them too . . . and most people who leave comments are people I have never met face to face! btw, my eyes welled-up when you mentioned me:)

Bethany said...

Very well written post! You said it perfectly. It's amazing how even my husband doesn't really get it, blogging friends? I have recently met one of my blogging friends who turns out to live 10 minutes down the road! How cool is that? AND...I will be meeting another one next week. Can you imagine life now without blogs?

Kristine and John said...

Loved the post! You really did say it all perfectly. Whenever I talk about my blog friends, my husband just laughs at me like I am talking another language...if only he had blog friends...I think he is jealous. We flew into the Atlanta airport on the way home from our trip and as we were taking off for Kansas, I leaned over my husband and said...somewhere down there is my friend Becky and then I waved to her...he thought I was crazy! But wouldn't you wave to Becky? I mean come on'...she's the best and you are too!

Love the picture. You have the most beautiful children.


P.S. You asked what trip we were on...we just finished court and have 2 more trips to go....a passport application trip and a pickup trip. We are almost there!

Kristine and John said...

Forgot to mention...I would be the most incredible neighborhood if we all lived in it...but then...who would we blog with? :D

Anonymous said...

Love the photo!

I read the linked post. I'm sure that over the years I've said the wrong thing to people, in wanting to show that I was interested in hearing about their adoption journey. On the one hand, you know it is probably rude to say nothing, while on the other hand you don't want to say the wrong thing.

Now that I'm going through an adoption myself, part of me thinks the business about "correct" language is just so much semantics. I'll tell anyone who will listen that I am adopting. I don't get too bothered by most of what they ask.

But there are two things that get under my skin. I've find that I am really irritated when people ask what I know about her history or her birth parents (it's none of your business, it's HER history, and if she wants to tell you when she's older, that'll be her choice). Although I do know a fair amount about her history, my standard answer to you will be 'there wasn't much information,' and I will change the subject.

I also find it kind of annoying when people ask about her name (is that her real name, why are you changing her name?). I will be changing her name from the one she was given at birth, but I don't feel like I have to give you an explanation of the reasons why or listen to your editorial comments as to why you think it's wrong for me to do so. I'm not asking you to agree with my decision, and there was no thought given to pleasing you when I made it. It was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever made and I don't need you second-guessing it.

Kristine and John said...

Uh, Ondrea. Barb's link above goes to someone named Matthew who is in medical school/residency? I lurk her blog. I like to read it...just thought you would like to know.

Regarding the anonymous post above, I agree with them. The whole name thing...why does EVERYONE think they get to name your child? and then if they don't like the name you picked, why do they think they have a right to tell you? I have NEVER told one of my friends who has birthed a child that I thought they should pick another name after the child was born!

I really must go fold laundry.

Kristine and John said...

I think the comments/questions are the hardest when they are said in front of the children. My Step-mom (whom I ADORE) is Italian and when we brought my daughter home she would say.."She looks just like my uncle in Italy...wonder if he ever made it to Russia"!!!! Can you believe that? It burned my deep down to my soul...but how do you correct your step-mother who would honestly lay her life down for any of my children? She didn't mean it to be hurtful...but it WAS really hurtful. I finally had to tell her that children understand much more than we think they do and that questions were coming from some of the remarks. She stopped and I think she felt terrible. She is the best Grandmother in the world and we would not trade her, she just didn't know how to word things in the right way or to keep them to herself.

I understand completely what you said on the comment on my blog. You want to share your adoption experience without putting your daughter up as the sacrifice to actually providing people with genuine "adoption" information...if they are truly interested in adoption...but if they are just being nosy...a firm answer back is what they deserve.

The south is tough too...always a need to be polite...but there is always the "bless your heart" you can put at the end of something firm that can quickly end the conversation :D in a polite way.
I could go on all day and with 3 children from Russia now...I am sure I will face this a lot, especially now with Maria coming home soon...I know some new questions will resurface so I am really grateful for this post so that I can prepare myself with some answers.

Amy said...

All well said. As per usual. :) And I LOVE the lesson -- can we just get it published nationally? LOL

Oatsvall Team said...

love it ... love the post from the other blog, love you, love how we have found each other and becoming sisters !!!!

I will have youth small in the shirts ... Pink w/ chocolate and white ... super cute !!!