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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Easy stuff is so hard!

Here is the quote from today's reading of Crazy Love that just has me stumped. Maybe the answers is further into the book? Maybe I need to dig into the Word and find it for myself. Maybe if I do dig in, I will find what I want to find and not what God is trying to tell me. But you tell me, what do you make of it?

"Lukewarm people do not live by faith; their lives are structured so they never have to. They don't have to trust God if something unexpected happens-they have their savings account. They don't need God to help them - they have their retirement plans in place. They don't genuinely seek out what life God would have them live - they have life figured and mapped out. They don't depend on God on a daily basis - their refrigerators are full and, for the most part, they are in good health. The truth is, their lives wouldn't look much different if they suddenly stopped believing in God."

This is Lent. For Catholics, that usually means sacrificing something. But for most of us, it's nothing that hurts too much. Here's what God says about the kind of fasting that means something to Him:

Isaiah 58: 6- 8 from The Message translation

"This is the kind of fast day I am after:
to break the chains of injustice,
get rid of exploitation in the workplace,
free the oppressed,
cancel debts.
What I'm interested in seeing you do is:
sharing your food with the hungry,
inviting the homeless poor into your homes,
putting clothes on the shivering ill-clad,
being available to your own families.
Do this and the lights will turn on, and your lives will turn around at once."



Settle Family said...

To me that lukewarm person is a person who never steps out of their comfort zone . They are always in control and can predict the outcome. It is kinda like when you think back to times when you let go and put God as the driver.When you do this you have placed your life in his hands .You have let go of the control and do not always know what is in the "refrig".But it does not matter because you have faith in him. Everything is on his time not yours. I think a person who has never done that never truly knows or would miss the true friendship you have in God.They will always feel that something is missing but never figure out just what that is.
You can really jump start my brain!!!

mommaof4wife2r said...

now that's some good stuff! i am screaming hallelujah. i am reminded of the church in laodecia that was "lukewarm, neither hot nor cold" and how god said he'd just spit them out of his mouth...

i am hoping and praying to be molded and changed...i don't wanna be the same. i wanna be more. i wanna be more of what god wants me to be.


Michelle R said...

Nicely said, Nic.

I was diggin the explanation of lent. Puts "I am giving up chocolate" in its place. (not that I was strong enough to even offer up that)

"do this and the lights will turn on and your lives will turn around at once." Really, for the first time lent actually meant something to me.