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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Week of Thanksgiving!

So many people on Facebook have been doing a thankful post every day.  It was a great idea.  I really wish I had been with it enough to participate.  Lord knows I have enough to be thankful for, more than enough, truth be told.  But in an effort no to be totally flippant about my blessings, I'm going to try to do a post every day this week about the things I am thankful for right now.  However, my in-laws come in tomorrow night, so it might be more difficult than I am planning.  Which brings me to my #1, I am thankful to FINALLY have someone to share this paradise with. I'm so glad that they are coming.

To start with, I am thankful to share my life with this man.  He isn't perfect...

But he is perfect for me.  I am thankful that he is forgiving and tolerant and giving.  I'm thankful that he has a good sense of humor and that he provides so well for our family.  I'm thankful that he's about 1,000,000 times smarter than me and that he can manage money... and I'm particularly thankful that he's not too fussy about how the house is kept.  

And to prove he has a good sense of humor, I'll share our Christmas decorations with you.  Since Kristine asked.... and by the way, Kristine, these are the type decorations that the realtor asks you to take DOWN before you sell your house! :)

Remember I said that Brian has a sense of humor?  Well, he has affectionately themed this Christmas decor "Redneck in the Tropics".  And then he laughed that I can't do anything without a little touch of redneck... and I guess he's right.  I prefer to think of it as not out-growin' my raisin'.  But semantics, semantics... :)

I was very unhappy with how the tree turned out.  I had the idea to use the colors of the sea (white foam,  turquoise water, brown sand, silver just for sparkle.)  It didn't seem quite "organic" enough, so we decided to put some of our sea treasures on the tree.  These are things that we have found on the beach in various spots.  

We fabricated a faux sea urchin for the topper.  Sea urchins are everywhere, and quite honestly, they wig me out a bit, but they are SO cool and amazing.  There is something about them that makes me want to reach out and touch them (something about the forbidden fruit I suppose.)  It's very akin to the feeling I get when I stand at the top of a very tall building, like I might get the overwhelming urge to fly and not be able to stop myself.   You don't have to admit you ever have that urge, I know some more of you are out there.  

It's fun, but it's still not what I had envisioned.  I'm really open to suggestions on how to maybe help this thing out a bit.  Any of you uber decorators out there, please feel free to chime in here... Tropical Redneck, while entertaining, isn't a theme I'm necessarily stuck on.  

I'm thankful that this is the end of my street and I will actually be sitting there on Thanksgiving morning with my niece and my in-laws.  

There are so many other things I am thankful for.... but I will spare you the rambling and wait for tomorrow.  

Psalm 136:1
"Praise the LORD! He is good. God's love never fails." 

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Kim said...

Love it! As always, great shots!
Thankful for your dear friend!