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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Monday, February 01, 2010

Not Me Monday

I do not feel like I was bucked off a bull at the rodeo from all the sledding we did this weekend.

I do not get treated like the maid around here, my children the little royalty, me the faithful servant.  Get me this, get me that, help me with this, bring me that!  Anyone else ready for the snow to melt?

I am not seriously considering renting a very large heat lamp to hold over my city until every street in town is dry and ice free.  I have NOT considered marching my children down the street to the superintendents house and BEGGING him to open school tomorrow.

I have not been chanting a mantra of "melt, melt,  melt" since I woke up! :)

I am not considering just tossing out everything that's not found a home since our remodel.  If it's still sitting around looking for a home, maybe it would like to have another home altogether, right?

I am not going to brave the grocery today (not a good idea in the South after a snow storm in the first place) with all four kiddos because we are.... gasp..... deep breath...... sharp pains in my heart..... out of coffee!  Gasp, choke.... cough.... sniff sniff..... moment of silence!  I know.... HELLLOOOOOOO, has my husband noticed the name of the blog.  Don't you think it's important to say something when you use the last scoop (TWO DAYS AGO) to make the morning coffee..... sniff sniff sniff..... I mean, this is serious error on his part.... does he not fear for the safety of his children, who are on their fourth day of wet snow clothes and "Mom, can you help me get on these layers so I can go out again?" by leaving them here in the house with a coffee-less caffeine addict?  Sheesh!

So, what in the world have you NOT been up to?  Please share your insanity, it'll make me feel better, or maybe worse, but either way, it will be some small connection to the world outside my laundry room!


Kelly said...

thous shall not run out of coffee...hope i can get my taste back for it soon or my industrial size bag is going to go to waste...Thanks to mommy sickness I had my first cup of caffeine yesterday...after 9 weeks...the horror.

Have fun at the store

Kim said...

Thank you! You've just cured my severe case of being HOMESICK for the TN snow during our 74 degree days in Hong Kong!
You can always make me laugh!
Love & Blessings,

The Oxford Family said...

Oh no!!! Found you from MckMama....I hope your hubby brings you home some coffee today! That would be perfect!

Nic said...

YES!!! Snow melt and bring on the FlipFlop wearing hot sunny summer days!!

Amy said...

I am feeling your pain. You poor dear. :(

Lindsay said...

I'm out of coffee too.

Things could get serious.....

The Fab 4 said...

I am not doing laundry. No seriously, I'm not going to do it. I just keep making the piles look neater and cuter. That's close enough, right?

Bethany said...

Running out of, that's just sinful! ;) Also, you forgot to put in there, 'slept great after a crazy phone call from a semi-family member that I haven't talked to in years. The news was so great that I haven't missed any more sleep and now I don't have something else added to my plate.' LOL! BTW...I haven't slept well either!!!!

Ian said...

I would so put all four of my kids in a car and drive them to the store in the middle of a blizzard if we were out of coffee. I do not think I have gone without coffee since I was about 15 and I hope never to!

lori said...

Thank goodness you probably have the key to your neighbor's house and you could discreetly borrow some coffee while they're out of town!?

I did not have an exciting Friday planned for myself watching a movie or sewing in quiet. I did not have an activity for everyone to occupy their time. And, I never would have taken Sophie to her function at school only to find out I was a week early. I assure you that I ALWAYS read all of their papers that come home in their folder!! My Friday night quiet time did not turn into taxi cab for Christian and all 6 of his best friends!

**First attempt at "not me Monday". I need to work on it!