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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jack's Room

The albums tacked to his wall were up in our attic.  When we cleaned out the attic, we laughed so hard at all the junk we've kept over the years.  Why?  But turns out that a bass playing boy likes retro album covers as wall art.  :) My Ace Frehley, Loverboy, and Van Halen albums are being enjoyed by another generation... hehehe.  Yes, those hard rockin' albums were mine, not Brian's.

I saw this idea in a magazine for kids furniture and loved it.  Jack had one old skateboard that he didn't use anymore and I purchased a cheap one at the discount store.  It made the perfect space to wrangle all his trophies into a nice organized display.  I painted the little canvas with the guitar on it.  I took a sheet that had been at my grandmothers house and covered a canvas, then I did a guitar on it.  At the time, Jack wasn't playing bass, I should probably do another one with a bass guitar on it.  Sorry the photo is so blurry.

The guitar stand in the foreground is lighted and it looks super cool when the guitar is hanging there.  Plus, it keeps the guitar off the floor.  The blue chair in the background was also at my grandmothers.  I can't believe she had some pretty cool art deco style furniture, but she did! It's really neat, blue velour.  :)

These are the before photos.... the flag came from Brian's cousin in Ireland.  It was hanging in their candy store and they sent it to Jack! :)  But now the flag is looking for a new home.  We're trying to think of something really cool to do with it.  Maybe the ceiling?  

This photo is taken during the process of painting so alot of stuff is already down off the walls, etc.  But the bed WAS on the floor.

The wall was a mess from all the stuff that had been hung and rehung.

I really hated to paint over these cool denim walls, but it made the room look really small.

We still had the stenciling on the walls from when it was a nursery.  "Brush your teeth, say your prayers and kiss your Mama goodnight!"  

Next stop.... the new sleeping space for the little boys.... Have a great Thursday!


mommaof4wife2r said...

love the skateboard shelves!

Lindsay said...

Love the skater shelves. Looking forward to your next decorating update :)

Barb said...

It looks great, Ondrea! Like everyone else, love the skateboard shelves . . . might have to steal that idea one day . . .

Kim said...

Let me just say your Jack and my John Austin are two boys with the same interests ... guitars, music and skateboards! Love your decorating ideas and will have to store them in my memory bank for the day we move back to the US and have our own house again!
And I was a HUGE Van Halen fan!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,