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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

I thought I remembered taking some photos of the heart candy in the grass last year.  So I looked back to be sure.... and sure enough, this is proof!  Yes, last year on Valentine's Day, I was outside barefooted!  That's how it's supposed to be,  but tonight we are expecting snow, again.  Sigh!  Is anyone bored to death of me whining about the weather?  I am!

Remember when I felt loved just because my mom came and helped me take down my Christmas tree?  Well, the love has reached a whole new level.  Both the queen mums were here this weekend (mine and Brians.)  I'm not saying that I'm such a slob that they felt sorry for me.  I'm not saying my house was so out of control dirty that I had totally given up on trying to clean it (or ever having it clean again.)  I'm not saying that I called them and whined about it.  But it's something like that.  And these two amazing Mammas met at a halfway point, rode together to my house (about three hours for both of them) and CLEANED all weekend.  And you know what?  Both of them have THANKED me for LETTING them come clean.  And told me how much FUN they had.  Hmmmm, well, if you really insist, and since you had SUCH a great time scrubbing my floors, oven, sinks, toilets, windows, and clothes, then I guess you can come back next weekend! :)

I have a photo of them actually UNDER my kitchen table wiping down the stuff no one ever sees.  I mean, that is something they know I would never do... if no one will see it, what's the point?  :)  I'll share the photo next week when my little camera is charged and ready for download.  But in case you didn't get any loving from your own mom for Valentine's Day, I don't mind forwarding this post to her (just send me her e-mail address) so maybe she'll get some ideas for next years big love fest! :)

Is it sad that after 16 years together, hubs and I did not exchange cards, did not even say, "Happy Valentine's Day" to one another?  What we DID do was go to Wal-Mart last night at 10:00 PM.  Now I am in Wally World 2 x week, at least, but 10 on a Saturday night is a whole different experience.  I have so many questions.  The main one is what on EARTH you would need so badly on a Saturday night at 10:00 that you would drag your kids out at that late hour and subject them to shopping?  My kids were not with me, they were home with grandmothers, but there were ALOT of kids there, very sleepy, whining, crying children.  And I wanted to cry with them/for them!

Happy Valentine's Day, dear peeps!  I wish you a sparkling clean house and so much love!


Lindsay said...

I dream of cleaning angels descending on my house :) I'm very jealous!

Craig and Phyllis said...

Oh, I am jealous! So today as I look around my messy, dirty home, I will be thinking of you in you spankin clean one!

We are supposed to get another 6+ inches today. Unlike you, I'm excited about it. Sorry! : )

Kristine said...

I am so jealous I could cry. Boo hoo.

Man, what did you do to deserve them? I know, I are an angel too.

they thanked you?

Barb said...

Please, please, please send them here . . . My MIL is probably stressed enough every time she comes over just because she built this house and now I've taken over with my cr@ppy sense of style, but I'm sure the mess and dust and pet hair is gonna put her over the edge one day . . . no wonder she never stays long when we have a party or she wants to look after the kids at her house . . . LOL!!