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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Saturday, January 10, 2009

How can I ever say?

How can I ever tell you how much adoption means to me? How can you ever understand the burning desire I have in my heart for orphans? Not just orphans that I plan to adopt when we have been "in process" (the adoptive parent word for "pregnant"), but the orphans I know I will never adopt... and neither will anyone else? This care, this consumption, this absolute commitment I have to the fatherless has everything and nothing to do with my own children. The road of adoption led me so far beyond three wonderful children that only God could have orchestrated the journey. Birth mothers made me a Mommy, but God's mercy on the journey made the journey my life.

So how do I help you understand how absolutely burdened I am for these children? And how burdened I am for YOU TOO to be burdened! It would be my wish that everyone in the world could experience the beauty and the miracle of a birth. But it would also be my utmost desire that everyone on earth could experience the humility, grace, mercy, awe, and privilege of walking into an orphanage, especially if there will be one less orphan when you walk out. And it's also my hearts most burning desire that there would never be a need for another orphanage. But how? I am only one person and there are so so many orphans (147,000,000 worldwide to be exact.) But then again, I am one... and Gwen Oatsvall is one, and Melanie Hollis is one, and Katie is one, Carrie is one, Becky is one, Michelle is one, Nicole is one, and YOU are one! Together, we are way more than one! And as the old adage goes, if you think you are too small to have an affect on the world, try sleeping with a mosquito.

So where do I go with this burden? Where do I lay it down? Maybe I don't. Maybe the point is to carry it forever and thereby share the load of it with some other sisters along the way. And the sisters who are already sharing my burden have meant everything to me. There is a quote from The Poisonwood Bible that seems to make sense to everyone who's ever adopted or has a true heart for orphans. It goes like this, "Hunger of the body is altogether different from the shallow, daily hunger of the belly. Those who have known this kind of hunger cannot entirely love, ever again, those who have not." This applies not only to hunger in the physical sense, but hunger of any kind. I find that there are two kinds of people, those who "get" my hunger (my burden) for orphans, and those who can never "get" it.

Today in church Father Sappenfield was talking about the world's definition of "rock star." Do we strive to be like the ones we think have what we want? Or do we strive to be like the ones God wants us to be like? Are we imitating Christ or Madonna? I think the two go hand in hand because God is faithful. We alone cannot do alot as one, but together, with Christ working THROUGH us, we can accomplish anything. So, I am just challenging you tonight, to consider and pray for the orphans in Amazima orphanage. Gwen told me tonight that there are only just over 30 kids who still need sponsorship for this year. THIRTY! 30! Three Zero! Can you imagine a whole orphanage of 191 kids who don't have to worry about a meal for an entire year? $300 will provide two hot meals, a school uniform, shoes, and school tuition for a child in Uganda. Please pray with me that there will be another 30 people who are willing to make this $300 sacrifice in such uncertain financial times for our own country. It's a hard time to be seeking charity, and yet...

"And now these three remain, faith, hope and charity. But the greatest of these is charity."

1 Corinthians 13:13


Jess and Krissy said...

Oh, no, no! I completely understand what you mean! I have always known that, whether God gives me 0 biological children or 10, someday, we will adopt. I've been married a little less than 4 months, and we talk about it frequently. I especially have a heart for older orphans. The ones no one ever takes home. I also have a heart especially for orphans from Asia, but I think this is because my baby cousin was adopted from Korea 19 years ago. There are so many of us out there who have a heart for orphans, and I've known for many years that God has called me to adopt. It is such an exciting prospect that I almost feel guilty that we are not "preventing" biological children. There are SO many who need us, and I am so glad you posted this tonight.

I linked to the site about the orphanage. $300 isn't feasible right now, but could I send a smaller amount? We can't afford a whole lot, my husband had a lot of unpaid time off at the holidays because of the nature of his job, and it's hard right now, but would it be okay to send a small amount to the orphanage? Even though we can't officially sponsor a child?


Ron and Dinia said...

That is so exciting that the number left for sponsorship is at 30. God will provide!

Love the new long on your blog!

Carol said...

hey girlie you forgot me.

love the new look.

Barb said...

As always, you have expressed yourself so eloquently and in such a moving way!! Right now, I'm just at a place where I hope my daughter can make it through a whole day without having a meltdown and screaming . . . BTW, I've nominated you for an award on my blog.

Settle Family said...

I carry that same burden with me daily. My DH and I are starting to save for the next adoption. After adopting Ava that desire to help these children is stronger than ever. I think that God places a calling within each one of us. Some are led to serve God with their words ,others with their music or talents and some are led to serve him by helping others. That burden that you carry is Gods desire to help these children through you. I read something the other day that has really been ringing in my ears. "You cannot change the world but you can change that childs world."Just think of the differance that $300 sponsership would make in a childs life!