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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hey MckMama, we call it snow!

When I read this post from MckMama, I had a cold chill run down my spine. You see, I'm one of those girls with "y'all" in her vocabulary who considers cold anything under 40 degrees. So, this morning when we woke up to this, I just couldn't resist the urge to show her what she's missing down here! :) And I should also mention that it crossed my mind that I should have checked the school web-site before I got my kids dressed because there was a chance that we might not be going to school this morning!

And if you think this really isn't snow, then just look at how excited Liam got when he saw that it had "snowed" overnight! :)

I know all you Northern girls are laughing your heads off right now! But seriously, we get real excited down here if we see the first flake. We call it the Kroger alert because sometimes even before the first flake falls (when the weather man PREDICTS snow) everyone will rush to the grocery to buy bread and milk. Seriously, you CANNOT find Milk in the store if you go about five hours after a big snow is predicted. And by big I mean like 2 inches or more.

Okay, now we won't tell MckMama who posted a photo of her car thermometer at -12 degrees (and we won't tell Carol, or Amy, or Kar either for that matter!) that Metro Nashville has CLOSED SCHOOL for tomorrow because our low tonight is 3 degrees with a wind chill in the negatives. I am still not sure why they closed the schools or what they think will happen to children if they sit in a warmed classroom when it's single digits outside, but they are closed nonetheless. So far our school district is open, but I'm not holding my breath here. I think it's a distinct possibility that we will also close, but if they do, I'm walking my kids straight down to the superintendent's house (he lives about four doors down) tomorrow morning at 7AM. I'm ringing the doorbell and shoving them inside and telling him I'll be back to get them about 3:30! :) Seriously though, do you think they would care if I told them that my kiddos were weaned on icicles the size of your leg and snow deeper than your boots are tall? Do you think that this photo would make any difference to them? Yeah, probably not... but seriously, in St. Petersburg the largest winter hazard is not freezing to death... it's death by falling icicles! Seriously!

Oh well, I just had to let all my gal pals north of the Mason Dixon know what we consider snow!

**** UPDATE*******

9:55 PM - We get this message from the school district: Good Evening Parents,The following is a message from the Franklin Special School District:Due to the extreme cold temperature and wind chill factors expected in the morning, the FSSD schools will be closed tomorrow. MAC will be open at the holiday site on Cannon Street from 7:00 until 5:00.Thank you and have a safe night.

Now I ask you, can someone PLEASE make sense of that for me? Seriously? We are closing our school because it's COLD? Okay... so now my kids have a FIVE DAY WEEKEND. If it really would snow, at least we'd have something to do! Got any ideas of how to keep 4 kids from destroying your house when it's too cold to play outside and there is no school? ... FIVE DAYS!!!! Is it "ungreen" to strap them all in the car and drive around watching movies while I drink Starbucks? Anyone up for a road trip tomorrow? My car will hold my clan +3! :) Heather?

Genesis 8:22
"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."


Anonymous said...

I'm hoping we get a good snow sometime soon! The girls are itching to go play in it. This little dusting stuff is all just a tease!!

Lindsay said...

World gone mad! You've closed schools because it's cold??!!

If we did that we'd be shut half the year!

I knew yesterday I've adjusted to winter when I was thinking what a mild morning it was and didn't bother with gloves: it was only -4.

So far this week we've had day time lows of -8, -15 at night, frozen rain and a huge fall of snow. Of course the country also has no gas supply anymore thanks to Russia and Ukraine and we are planning what work we can send home with the children so they can continue their schooling if the government shuts schools next week to preserve gas.

So no grinding to a halt, but some exciting moments driving the car :)

Becky and Keith said...

Growing up in NY, I laugh at the cancellations of school in the south. Actually, when I first moved to VA and we had the "snow alert" and they cancelled work and there was no bread or milk I was in a pure state of shock!! BTW, I found out that the reason they close school during the cold is because it's too cold for the kids to stand outside and wait for the bus. It's a southern thing! :-) I love the idea of dropping the kids at the superintendants! What a GREAT idea! :-) Good luck on this 5 day weekend. You WILL survive!

Anonymous said...

Hey, they closed the schools here, too, yesterday, due to the cold.

Although, it was just a little bit colder here than where you are (-20 degrees, before calculating the wind chill).

Amy said...

Oh Ondrea, as usual, I must thank you for a smile. Here I sit wallowing in misery over no court date and potentially having to re do some paperwork before hearing of the elusive date! And your post just brought a huge smile to my face.

I always say that it's all relative. This cold snap is a big deal for Nashville -- when you're not used to it! Many of our schools up here were closed today as well for cold -- they don't want the kids standing at bus stops and walking to school when it's -12 degrees. Probably a good idea!! And we're back to a solid foot of snow on the ground too!!

It's all relative!

Carol said...

This post cracked me up! -12 this morning and the kids were at the bus stop! It warmed up to 10 by 2pm. Have fun on your long cold weekend in the house, movies sound great! We are off the sunny Florida on Sunday.