The truth as I know it:

We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Stuck in two worlds....

Tonight, I told Brian (he's still going by his actual name) that I am stuck between two worlds.  First, I am missing my friends. On the one hand, there is this in Tennessee.....

My precious niece, who I get to live around the corner from... ahhh, family!

Our fun cubby bedrooms, that are filled with friends every day!  And my nephew, Harry!

Our fun friends, and Friday night Mexican! 

Our neighborhood!

The boat and OUR DOG!!!!!!!

Other great friends!

The CAT!

Our best buddies!

More family... not that we saw them any more often, but they were there if we needed them! 

Our sweet Hopey girl! 

Gentry's Farm and MORE friends!

This amazing individual... and this good hair... what happened to that?

And her!  Sister!

I can't help but giggle... nothing but funniness coming from this little one!

Fostering dogs...I miss it!  And I miss Shawn, who I foster WITH!

Fall colors.... ahhhh!  And cool weather!

Changing leaves... and Mickey!

"non" snow days....

And these goof balls.... 

And this amazing family... I miss them the mostest!

But some day, I'll be sad that I can't go to the beach for sunset in a two minute walk!

Or that I don't have a pool in my back yard.

And that I'm not a 25 minute drive from this... and the sea turtles!

And this isn't just at the end of my block....

And when I look out my back door at night, this won't be what I see a year from now....

The Pali Overlook won't be a 25 minute drive from my house....

Where the wind blows harder than anywhere I've ever been... consistently... day after day.

(My little Marilynn Monroe!)

These gorgeous views will be a memory.

Rainbows will be over the Primus building, not a palm tree (right Sandra?)

Hokulani may or may not be part of our future....

But this little angel definitely WILL be there! 

Thank you God, for Roots and Wings!  


EJ and Grace said...

We miss you in this world! Enjoyed all the pictures. Love you all so much!! Give all the kiddos a hug and kiss from us.

Kim said...

I so GET this post.
Love the roots and wings praise.
Also know that we are called to "bloom where we are planted."
Enjoy every moment of your new adventure knowing that your hometown fan club is cheering you on!
Love & Blessing from Hong Kong,

Lindsay said...

It's definitely hard when your heart is in two places so far apart.

Beautiful post.

Melanie Hollis said...

love the pictures!!! your friends will still be here when you return, and you can always put a pool in the backyard in Franklin (since you have one of the biggest backyards in town) (you can also purchase fake palm trees and a hut to place around the "cement pond"). miss you, Sasha!

Tracy said...

Wow!! These are amazing pics!! I'm stealing the one of you and Gwen for a post I'm doing for our 1 year home! Praying you know how much you blessed my with your precious heart and by listening to the Holy Spirit directing your steps!! Love you and can't wait for you to come home!!