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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Monday, August 31, 2009

Broken Hearted

Yesterday I was privileged to go with my sweet, dear friend, Gwen, to hear her speak at an adoption fund-raiser. It was good to get out of the house and just sit with Gwen when she isn't in the midst of doing ten things at once and even though she was nervous about what she was going to say, she was strapped into her car seat so she couldn't exactly run around and package shirts and check e-mail. It was nice.

Gwen did an amazing job and of course, she spoke out the truth, calling folks to action and testifying to the changes in her life since she has adopted. All of that was beautiful and glorifying to the Lord. I expected to be proud of Gwen, but I didn't necessarily expect to hear anything that was any sort of revelation to me, after all, I talk to Gwen every day and, well, inevitably, ALOT of our conversation centers around orphans. But God can send a Word, even when your senses are dull and not on the look-out.

She spoke about how we have a choice. We can look into the faces of the homeless, the orphan, the poor, the enslaved, and we can choose to see them. We can make that choice, knowing we will be broken hearted. Or we can choose to protect our hearts and not see them. Of course, you can guess what she thought the right choice was. The thing that was an epiphany to me was that I have been walking around thinking that God must be wanting me to do something different, something more, something that I just wasn't getting! In reality, I think He has me right where he wants me. Just because I am broken-hearted, does not mean that He is trying to get me somewhere else. It's just that where He has me is heart-breaking. I'm privileged that He chose me to be here, broken hearted with Him on this. Because He IS BROKEN HEARTED TOO!!!!! The good news about injustice? God sees it and He's there! I am choosing to serve orphans in the way that God has given to me, with the talents He has given me, and it's heart-breaking and it's always going to be because there is no solving it, there's only making a small difference. But if each of us make a small difference, it will be a collective huge difference. It will break your heart, but God will hold your hand!

I know you all "get it". I'm preaching to the choir. I wish I had a thousand followers who were so obsessed with me that they have their own side group on Facebook, but I don't. I just have the 38 of you who already get it. :) But boy if I did have thousands of followers, couldn't I challenge some folks to help the helpless? Thanks for listening. It helps so much to lay it down with those of you who truly understand my heart!

Matthew 9:36-38 from The Message translation:
"When he looked out over the crowds hies heart broke. So confused and aimless they were, like sheep with no shepherd. "What a huge harvest!" he said to his disciples. "How few workers! On your knees and pray for harvest hands!"


Nicole said...

My Mom the other day said "that is so sad I just cannot bare to watch it". I told her people have a choice in life to turn there head and do nothing or see life and all of it's injustice and do something about it. I believe that if you live your life without sharing another human beings "brokeness" you are just one more person that can not make a difference!Stay broken O ... it makes you one of the people that make a difference!

Nicole said...

By the way I would like to hire Meg as one of my makeup artist's!!!!!!
That is soooo cute!

Kristine said...

Sometimes I have found that God has me in a place and I don't think it is "BIG" enough...that I am not doing enough...but then I remember, It is just where He has me at this time...doesn't mean that something BIGGER isn't around the corner..waiting.

Does that make sense?

Love all your pics...that Meg is a hoot and your new camera takes great pictures.

mommaof4wife2r said...

every difference is a major difference, my friend! and you are awesome! a few friends are starting an adoption group at our church...and i am excited to be part of that!

Kim said...

Another beautiful post!
Thanks for continuing to share your heart with such transparency!
I echo your sentiments and am ever grateful for friends who "get it"!
Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,