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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking Pause

Well, so much for joyful, joyful, huh? My friend, Michelle, posted a prayer today on our on-line adoption site and it really brought the wind out of my Christmas sails. As much as I am overjoyed to be spending my first Christmas with our little girl and my consecutive Christmas with all my boys, her posted prayer reminds me that my being content and happy means that no more orphans will be coming home to my house. She asked God to bring a smile to the caregivers so that it might brighten the day of one child. And I am reminded again of the joylessness of an orphans day. Christmas day will be just another day for many many children in Russia (and around the world for that matter.) There are over 100,000,000 (that's eight zeroes folks!) orphans going to bed tonight without a mommy or daddy. There are over 100,000,000 children who won't have anyone delighting in them on Christmas morning or any other day of the year. That's 100,000,000 chidren who will not be hugged, not be tucked into bed, not be told "I love you" tonight, tomorrow, or on Christmas Day. Life in an orphanage is bleak. It's a life lived in black and white instead of color. It's a life where not only are you not loved, you don't know what love is. Can you even start to imagine that? The number is staggering, it's actually more than what we can fathom and it seems unattainable, un-help'able, unreachable. But truth is, it's not that much if everyone who could do something would do something!

The only good news I have for you is that our Father is so in love with these little souls that He is in their midst every moment of every day. No tear falls, no sigh is exhaled, without His knowing. Our Father is not only with them, He dwells there, He lives their lives with them, He wraps His arms around them and holds them in the cold, and they are not alone. But He cannot care for them without our help. He didn't set it up that way, He left it for us to do. Please do remember that there are millions of children who are suffering this year, not only children who will not have gifts, but children who will not even be acknowledged. Please don't forget, in all our merriment, that there is bone aching sadness in the hearts and eyes of 140,000,000 children and they need your prayers! Do what you can do to support adoption! If you can pray, pray; if you can finance, send money; if you can adopt, do it!

Deuteronomy 6:6-9
"Take to heart these words which I enjoin on you today. Drill them into your children. Speak of them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at rest. Bind them at your wrist as a sign and let them be as a pendant on your forehead. Write them on the doorposts of your houses and on your gates."


Barb said...

Great post, Ondrea. I "stole" the video and posted it myself . . . it's a good reflection on what Christmas is about (or not about).

Amy said...

Wow Ondrea, here it is a new week, and again, you've left me in tears. Brilliantlly spoken and written and really makes you think.

When people ask me about my trip to Russia and what the biggest differences are, one of the first things that comes to mind is the poverty. It makes you realize what we have here and how much we take for granted. I am completely guilty of this myself, and as much as I have said I wouldn't forget that, I think I have, a little each day since I have been home. Thanks for bringing it all back to me :)

Michelle R said...

Poverty wasn't the face of Russia but it is the blister of India. More people live on the streets of Mumbai than in housing. This city is millions of people large and most sleep on the sidewalks.. over 50%.

We indeed have much to be joyful about and I believe our Lord, our God want's us to rejoice and sing praise and show gratitude.

At the same time, it is a season to be humbled before him and pray for those who need to know him, like most of the Hindi's on the streets of India, and those with whom he dwells-like the orphans of the world.

I praise God for new friends like you whom the blessing of adoption has brought into my life. I didn't just gain a daughter, but I was blessed with friends like you.


Carol said...

Thanks again Ondrea. Where do you find the time. Anyway I just stole this for my blog. We are doing the lighter Christmas this year and it feels pretty good.
Happy Advent. Carol

Kristine and John said...

Love this post. You and I were on the same page that is for should read my blog entry...scary the similarities. you are getting your paperwork ready again for another one? Is that what you are trying to tell us? :D

Love the true.

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Ron and Dinia said...

Wow Ondrea!

Great post and spot on.