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We witness a miracle every time a child enters into life. But those who make their journey home across time & miles, growing within the hearts of those who wait to love them, are carried on the wings of destiny and placed among us by God's very own hands. ~~~ Kristi Larson

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thank you friend!

Kristine gave me this award so I am going to do it right now before I forget... because Becky tagged me a long time ago about picking up the closest book and turning to page 50 and writing the first sentence on the page, and I never got around to doing it because I put it off... yeah, I'm like that, if I don't do the thing RIGHT NOW, it won't get done. So, for Becky, here's page 50 of the CLOSEST book to me... (actually the book only goes to 48 pages so this is from page 48) "No one is going to catch me, lady, and make me a man. I want always to be a little boy and to have fun." James M. Barrie, Peter Pan. Also, sweet Barb over at Holm Sweet Home gave me a Lemonade award a long time ago and I never got around to that one either... SOOOO, I'm doing this one from Kristine RIGHT NOW!

Kristine has four kiddos just like me. And like me, three of them are adopted. And they are Russian. And she just discovered that she likes colored undies... so you'll have to go check out her blog if you want to find out all about that craziness. But she's a fun gal and a friend and I appreciate being named in her all-adoption list of award winners!:)

So now I have to name some blogs that I think you should check out, and I have to tag them too!
It would be my first inclination to nominate Gwen and Katie, but of course, they would not have time to participate and in fairness to those of us who have a little less of a life than these two warriors, I think I should nominate people who can actually pass it on. I want to nominate people, though who are doing a work for orphans, so who to call on? Well, who advocates more than those who have lived by example through adoption?
Nicole is a precious friend and she has the most adorable little Russian princess. She has a heart for orphans and her heart was stolen for them when she adopted Miss Ava. I'm expecting more exciting news from her in the future, go check out the photos of her little tsarina.

Lindsay has one of the most thoughtful blogs I have ever read. I hesitate to nominate her because her blog is private, but many of you may have access and she is an amazing mother and writer.

And because I love A Thorn Among Roses blog, I am adding them to the list. This is what a family should LOOK like... I mean, literally what it should physically look like... all different sizes, shapes and colors, because, you know, that's what God's family looks like.

The Carolina Girl and her family are getting ready to head off to Moscow on June 1st to meet their baby girl in St. Petersburg on June 3rd (who will be joining two big brothers when she comes home.) Stop by her blog and wish her well and maybe a few prayers to go along!

Get a little bit of This and That, but mostly you'll get a woman living for Christ, loving orphans, and pursuing God's dream for her life. She found my blog by pure accident Divine intervention and we have commented back and forth to each other since. It's exciting to see what God's doing in her life!

Okay, I could go on and on and on, like I love to read the musings at "This IS the fun part" and Heather at Highly Caffeinated has me cleaning my house, which is no small feat, but it's probably wrong of me to keep rambling on and on while my daughter sinks further into her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse addiction, so I am off to get her into the sunshine and water my garden. I promise to post photos of the forks VERY soon! :)

And don't forget to "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed." Proverbs 31:8


mommaof4wife2r said...

now that's one of the sweetest thigns i have heard about our fam! thank you...

Kristine said...

Can't believe you just told the whole world about my colored underwear! I only have 3 pairs!!! hahaha. so funny. It has been a breakthrough for me... thanks for the laugh and the blush.

jajbs said...

Thanks for the award! It WAS Divine intervention that day and for it I am forever grateful to have found a like-hearted and like-minded friend for the journey!


p.s. i'll pass it on at the beach! :)

Anonymous said...

You crack me up & thank you :) My poor blog is so deserted since my computer crashed a couple weeks ago, but I'm borrowing one this weekend from a gracious source so I have my work cut out for me to catch back up!

Lindsay said...

If you end up with two comments from me, it's because the first time I tried to post the computer went wonky :)

Anyway, thanks for the award, though I think you are being generous in your praise! I actually clicked the link to make sure you didn't know another Lindsay! It was the 'thoughful writer' bit that made me doubt. Was it the long post on poop and potty training accidents that sucked you in ;)

I will be enviously thinking of your pool time this week: we have court to finally finalize Hannah's adoption. True to form they didn't give much notice of paperwork required, so I am scrambling to get it done. Then we're off east to visit the old orphanage. BTW - love the idea of the t-shirt. I'll swap you for Slovak ice hockey ones.